Monday, May 2

Warning! REALLY image heavy!

Last day of the holidays! Went by faaaaar too fast 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。
I didn't really go away like I usually do, but I still managed to visit the beach and falls.

Also, my outfits have not been too fantastic either. I am getting better at it, but it's a very slow process ^▽^

I spent most of last week doing work experience at a designer's shop. I spent four days, cutting, grading and sewing fake fur jackets and hoods. It was quite difficult, but I have learnt a lot about being a designer.  ´‿ゝ` 
The dreaded cellphone photo!

I also visited one of my favourite shops that stocks a lot of Cath Kidston things. Sadly, they don't sell the bags or apparel... ;_ゝ;  But, I really love the store's look (which my photo isn't helping!) 

Speaking of apparel, here are some online stores that I've noticed that have very mori-able items! I can't speak about the actual service of the stores (just a window shopper!), but I hope you'll find these useful.

nissen is a Japanese company located in Kyoto that ships (basically) worldwide. They have some nice clothing, as well as some basics. Some items that I really like are:

I see Sechuna, a Korean brand, on tumblr lots because not only are the clothes cute, the stock images on there website are a great source of inspiration! The actual Sechuna website does not ship international, but a variety of other webstores do. Yesstyle is one of them. They can be a bit pricey though.

3, 4

w closet is one of a minority of Japanese brands that ship overseas. However, this is only through its Rakuten store and with use of the forwarded shipping. It's  not the easiest nor the cheapest at all. Regardless, it's still filled with many inspirational outfits! W Closet is frequently feature in SEDA magazine. 

1, 2
3, 4

There are a lot more Rakuten stores that I want to show you, but I think I've overloaded on the images already!

I hope everyone had a great Easter! 
See you again soon!・゚,,。・:*❀・゚ 


  1. Such a helpful post, thank-you!
    Both outfits are adorable as always, I love the jeans with the little patch on them! I just ripped some of mine, perhaps I should find a big patch too. x3

  2. Your work experience sounds so cool! : ) (btw I`d love to find a nice leopard (fur) jacket, huh, I tried to find one last winter but for some reason i couldn`t find a nice one, there was always something wrong with the design... :'o but maybe next winter I`ll get one..! ;)) May I ask you how did you get that work (did you just go and ask if you could come there..?) and what kind of clothes that shop makes..? :>

    Thanks for also linking those online shops, I`ll surely take a look at them since I like some mori styled clothes a lot (I mean, I like them all a lot, but many of them wouldn`t be "my style" :)), especially many dresses like that fascinate me!

  3. aww, thank you very much for the shop recommendations. I am always looking for new ways to expand my wardrobe. <33!

    also, you look so amazing and charming in the pictures you always post - so much love! :3

  4. @Anya; No problem! I'm obsessed with looking at online shops- I think it'd be good for me to share what I 'learn' haha.
    Do try it! However, make sure (if you're doing knee patches) that you don't put them too high up- otherwise you'll have to spend all your time wearing your jeans low to get the patches at the right height /guilty :S

  5. @Noora; I think it's to do with the trends! Last winter fake fur was really popular in Japan, and I've noticed that the trend (along with many other trends) has 'migrated' to here for the Winter. Lots of the most popular clothing chains in New Zealand stock fake fur coats and other fake fur items. Maybe next winter you'll get them?
    I got the work through my school- we have a woman who organises work experience. The only downside to it is, because it's part of school, there's a lot of bookwork I have to do too. `ー´ Maybe you could try asking around with smaller designers? I'm not sure sorry!
    Here's the website: It's very high-fashion inspired, but they cater for a large range of ages. ゚ ヮ゚

    There are some really nice non-mori clothes on those sites too! I'm glad you found those links useful!

  6. @scrubdutchboy; Thank you so much for your lovely comment! <3 I'm always happy to give some shopping advice (just don't ask me about coordinating... haha)