Monday, December 9

Little update

Hi hi again! It's been a while since my last post, and my first year of University is over!
I hope I can get in a few posts over the break.


Well it's been an interesting year, and the holidays so far have not come to much. However I do have a job now, so it's time to start getting the money in.
I had a bit of free time so I thought I'd put together a simple, summery outfit! I apologise for the quality of the photos- all of our camera seem to have gone AWOL, so I had to use my phone's rather terrible camera and a mirror!

Dress (undermeath); EzyBuy・ Overdress; Thrifted ・ Skirt; Thrifted・ Shoes; Number One ShoesHat; DottiBag; Rope Picnic (Gift)Badge; f.i.n.t

It hasn't been all that hot for December- the past few days it has been raining on and off. Hopefully the sunny days will appear on my days off work!


The holidays have really got me thinking back to my time in Japan. I really want to go back, and hopefully I can in the next few years! I've also been itching to show off some of my photos from Japan (I will spare you from the 1000s that I have though!).
Because it is almost Christmas, Christmas lights are out in their sparkling glory! Mie Prefecture's Nabana no Sato really is an amazing sight this time of year...

なばなの里 Nabana No Sato 
An immense oasis creating a harmony between abundant nature and rich facilities. In the giant greenhouse “Andes Flower Garden/Begonia Garden”, potted flowers are cultivated and displayed year-round, and you can enjoy the garden courtyard and open-air bath in the onsen facility.
Anyway, I hope everyone  is well. I apologise for the briefness of this entry!
Thank you for reading ★

Sunday, September 1


<I previously posted this to my tumblr, so many of you will have seen a similar post to this already>


If you note, that blog hasn’t been updated since February last year. New people and older friends still follow it, and for that I am beyond grateful, and I apologise wholeheartedly for not updating it in more than a year.

I went to Japan and was expecting to continue my blogging from there, however I had very little access to the internet for the first couple of months. But in all honesty, I stopped updating because I fell out with the fashion. Although I was 18/19 in Japan, I was essentially living the life of a 15 year old. And for some reason, I felt the need to make sure people knew that I wasn’t a 15 year old. Petty, I know. Hence, I changed my style significantly, sent my clothing back home from Japan and sought to start anew.

Since I’ve come back, I’ve dabbled over the thought of selling my clothes. Before coming back home for the holidays, I was sure that I would- setting up online stores and making a mental inventory of what I had to sell. But when I came home, and saw the clothes again, I just couldn’t do it.

(I’ve also put on weight since coming back and have had a few moments of self-appearance despair, which has made me want to fall back into mori fashion.)

 It makes me feel comfortable. Not just physically, but mentally. Last night I put some outfits together, and I felt really happy.

In reality though, I know I won’t wear mori everyday. Part of me still retains the idea that mori is childish- a thought that is childish in itself! Also, all of my clothing at my university hall (dorm) is different, and I don’t really have the ability to bring them back with me. I also feel rather self conscious if I start dressing differently at uni- like there’s an already established ‘me’ there.

However, what I really wanted to get out of this is to say that during the university breaks, I will attempt to update my blog. I feel that mori has become too important to me to give that up.

Anyway, here are the three outfits I came up with late the other night! Coordnation-wise, I am a bit rusty, and I've given away quite a few items, but I'll try my best to make something to show you all!
(I also apologise for the horrible mirror shots!)

Left to Right:
Dress (undermeath); Thrifted・ Overdress; Earth Music & Ecology Natural Label ・ Collar; Thrifted・ Shoes; Number One ShoesSocks; GlassonsHair Barrette; Gift

Blouse; Shimamura・ Shorts; Thrifted ・ Coat; Thrifted・ Socks; Japanese school uniform Shoes; Number One ShoesBeret; GiftWig; Gift

Blouse; Shimamura・ Pants; Thrifted ・ Cardigan; SoulBerry・ Shoes; Thrifted Scarf; Thrifted

I know this isn't much after such a long 'break' but I am hoping that the summer holidays will enable me to contribute more to this blog!

Speaking of which, does anyone have any suggestions? Is there anything you want to see more of on Cats In Straw Hats?

I'd love to hear what you think!

After such a long time,
Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you again soon!☆

Thursday, February 23

My Favourites for Feb

Ugh. My camera is currently dead, so no photos for the moment, so here's some things that I currently love!

I've been wanting to write about this store for a while, even though it's quite a well known online store.

This is my favourite mori store! ( ゚ ヮ゚)

[Or should I say 'stores'? I've noticed that there are two Taobao shops with identical names, and who sometimes have the same model. Here(dearli) and here(litongxue). Is one ripping off the other, or are they 'sister' stores? Regardless, both have nice photos hah ●´ω`●]

I enjoy brands such as Crisp and SM2, but when it comes to inspiration, nothing compares to the Chinese Taobao store 'Dear Chestnut' or 'Dear栗'. Regardless of season, this store manages to provide not only lots of lovely clothes, but lovelier photoshoots to show off their items. (The quality of items is irrelevant to me to be honest- I don't plan on buying any haha). They manage to use patterns, colours, and styling so well- I just want to jump into the photos.
I always look forward to their new season!

xMOTHERx is an etsy store that sells lovely handmade aprons, smocks, and collars among many other things. Their photos have a lovely crisp look to them, reminiscent of many Spoon photoshoots I have seen! I can almost smell the freshly baked bread that I imagine would be baked wearing these lovely items! ´ ▽ `

I found scans of (part of) Crisp's 2011 winter catalogue! Click for bigger resolution! Although slightly outdated now, I love the use of colour.

Click for bigger resolution!

Listening to 60s pop music (especially Japanese 60s pop), and listening to 45s on the record player. We don't have many records so I've been listening to Dance of The Sugarplum Fairy, Minor Bossa Nova, and this song on repeat:

Bobby Vee - Take Good Care of My Baby

What has caught your eye (or ears!) lately?

❀ Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, February 8

Bows, buns, buys oh my!

This last weekend I went camping with my friends at one of their farm properties. It was such a beautiful setting! There was a giant grassy hill that I spent many hours rolling down! It was a fantastic weekend- sadly most of the photos only group shots of me and my friends, and I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate me smacking them up here on my blog haha.

Here's a nice shot of the aforementioned hill! By the end of the weekend, that grass was a lot flatter!

For the weekend, I wore just camping-suitable attire- so no photos haha! But today I wore this for a lazy day about the house.
Later this week I'll try to take up Fern & Fawn's monthly challenge of incorporating roses into my outfit!

Shirt; EzyBuy・ Overdress; Supre ・ Pants; Thrifted・ Shoes; Thrifted・Socks; Glassons・ Bow; Bodyline・ Necklace; Wonder Rocket

I've also found a great solution to making easy buns (hair buns that is)! Surprisingly, it is by using a sock! Who would've thought! If you have trouble with topknots, try this as an alternative, and see if it works! I just discovered it today, but I can already tell it's a (strangely) useful thing to know. Being Lovely blog tells you how to do it here (or click the image below).

I haven't done much shopping recently. Most of my new clothing has been through sewing, which I will talk about a bit later! However, I've been keeping my eye out for some good deals about the place!

Left to Right:

  • CottonOn lace trim cardigan for $10- thin, but good for Spring and late summer!
  • Farm print leggings for $8- these are very warm, so I'm keeping them for the winter
  • Frilly mini skirt for $5- I'm not one to wear miniskirts, but the fabric really got to me haha
  • Trelise Cooper stain glass window necklace for $20- I'm a big fan of Trelise Cooper's clothing, and this would make a good accessory for a dolly kei inspired outfit I think! The chain is slightly reminiscent of a rosary.

Here's one of the sewing projects I worked on last week (again from my darling Pochee magazine! :P )
It's a pair of shorts and a wrap around skirt, that can be made into two different kinds of salopettes simply by pinning a front bib onto them- so in theory, I have 4 different wardrobe pieces! I only had just enough fabric to make them both, so I have to be very economical! 

Pro tip- make sure you put pattern pieces in a safe place where you won't mistake them for scrap fabric... (╥_╥)

How has everyone been lately? (✿◠‿◠) The summer here so far has been terrible! Barely any sunny days to speak of! 

I'll update with an inspiration post and rose-theme outfit later this week! 
Thanks for reading!☆