Saturday, December 18

Far too lazy for my own good.

It's been raining recently, so it's 'greened' up a bit. Fingers crossed that it keeps raining!
Going on holiday in 5 days! -insert excited face here- (That sounded a lot more sarcastic than I intended it to...)

The title of this blog post is a very good reflection of my life these past few days haha.
I only have two outifts to post because they are the only ones that looked alright ´_ゝ`

My lovely, lovely Wonder Rocket dress that I got from the equally lovely Electric Alice

I emailed Electric Alice a while ago asking if they would be getting in more Wonder Rocket (or other mori brands). Sadly, they said that it had been quite unpopular and they probably will not be getting any more in ・°・(ノД`)・°・ Does anyone know other places that sell brands like Wonder Rocket that can ship overseas? I've found some on Rakuten (such as W Closet), but that's about it! Any suggestions?

The pants I am wearing are chef's pants that I found in a thrift store. They're ridiculously comfortable. 
My basket is full of xmas pressies! Have you done your holiday shopping yet?

 Wearing furry hats in Summer? Genius. 

I'm still trying to find a way to dress without feeling like I'm being boiled alive ´_ゝ`

I have also being trying my hand at baking! I'm pretty useless in the kitchen but I like cakes and stuff so the hard work put into baking pays off in the end.
I tried baking some green tea cupcakes!
I used the recipe on this page, but it was kind of retarded because it didn't actually say to put IN the matcha haha. I also had to change it a bit due to my lack of having self raising flour.
This is how they turned out after baking!
Drum roll....

~( ̄▽ ̄~) ~( ̄▽ ̄)~ (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

They looked really awesome! However, they didn't taste much like green tea and were a bit dry...
Next time I'll know to put in more matcha, and use a different recipe perhaps...
I iced them with green tea flavoured icing, which helped it taste a bit more like green tea.

Now I have to eat them all because everyone in my family either; dislikes green tea or can't eat cupcakes... Not that I mind too much haha

I'm also in the middle of sewing my Santa Finland cosplay, so our house is covered in a layer of snowy fake fur ( ゚ヮ・) Very appropriate for the holiday season!

 So far I've finished the cape, the hat and most of the pants!

That's about it! I hope you guys have been having a good week!
I intend to post some other mori-girl-related fashion stuff soon- keep your eyes peeled!

Bye bye! ・゚,,。・:*❀・゚


  1. awww~your first mori coord looks amazing! *_*

  2. Thank you! ♥ I was really happy about it too... which doesn't happen very often haha