Wednesday, December 22

Berry Merry Holiday

Sorry if you get this post like 5 bajillion times- I had issues with posting it...
Welp, tomorrow I leave for a holiday around the South Island, so I will not be about for a while!
I only have a tiny bag for 2 weeks worth of travelling, so I'm panicing (I don't do well with little amounts of clothing...). Hopefully the south will be just a tad colder than here ・ω・

The other day my friend came over to do some sewing. I'm kicking myself now because she had the most adorable outfit on, and I didn't get a photo of it (even though it probably would've embarrassed her...)! She looked much more 'mori' than I ever have (@^▽^@)

Here's a kind of odd, psuedo-festive outfit. That I had to take off after 5 minutes due to overheating issues... (屮゜Д゜)屮

I put Christmas baubles in my hair... My parents thought it was hilarious ´_ゝ` 

I'm useless at coordinating clothes, so I've be trying really hard to get better ノД` It's a very slow process, but hopefully looking at blogs and magazines will help me to improve!

Before I go on holiday, I wanted to post some of my favourite people on ZOZOPEOPLE. Click on any photo to enlarge!

703 says that she 'Yearns to be a mori girl', but I'm think she's already there! 703 does lots of cute crafts, and has really good outfits! She's one of my favourites!

ZOZOPEOPLE page of the owner of Patisserie Mignonne. Her blog is full of delicious looking pastries and vintage cards and packages. She doesn't have many outfits posted, but from what I've seen, I really like her style.

The way she decorates her home and her photos really appeals to me!

Although this is not from ZOZOPEOPLE, here's some guest shots from the Wonder Rocket blog;

I will post some more ZOZOPEOPLE images another time!
Well, I need to go and pack my bag now. Sorry for the very average post!
I hope everyone has a very happy holiday and a great New Year!

See you soon~
Happy Holidays and Bye bye! ・゚,,。・:*❀・゚

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