Saturday, December 11

Sleepy sleepy. Stayed up late watching Zombieland with some friends
One thing I don't do well is staying up late _ノ乙(、ン、)_  zzz

Although the weather is pretty average today, it's been stinking hot the rest of the week. There are droughts  in the north and water bans have been put in place in my town to prevent water shortages.
The grass is most places has turned yellow and crunchy...  ゚Д゚
I've been working most days this week, so by the time I get home I'm too tired, hence the lack of posts. Sorry! ・°・(ノД`)・°・

I think that this is the last photo taken on Photobooth, so hopefully the rest of my photos won't be so hideous.
They probably still will be haha.

I've been using this backpack a lot recently (kind of like a trial run for school use next year?). I got it though Yesstyle about a month ago, but now it is not for sale anymore? (Here's a link to the black one, which isn't available anymore either!) I really like the pattern and faux leather trim, but it's really flimsy and light, so I don't know how well it will hold up during the year with all of my text books and everything... Fingers crossed that it will last because it's so cute! I'll take some better shots of it soon.
I really love my boater hat... ♥

Here are another few outfits (the fancy word is 'coord' isn't it? That sounds way too fancy for me...)
My aunt bought me these tights for my birthday last year. I love them so much! 
They're by a New Zealand company called Imprint that makes hand-made screen-printed tights.
I really like their children's range... ;_ゝ; 

I wore this when I went out with a close friend of mine and her mum! We went out for lunch and a quick bit of shopping.
Marble Sud bag =  ♥♥♥♥

My friend's mum found these whilst we were out shopping. I just cannot describe how excited I am to own them.
 I kind of really liked my hair this day, even though it was fluffy to the maximum. Also- boater hat. Again.

Not much going on here really! Just been lazing about when not at work, and picking more plums! That's why my posts are rather uninteresting...

Soooo how excited is everyone for Christmas (or December celebration that is important to you)? ・ω・Are there any special traditions where you live, or in your family?
We don't really have anything as such, but we add a touch of Kiwiana to our Christmas Not-really-a-tree-but-could-be-if-you-squint (We kind of have a twig that vaguely resembles a pine tree...)

Kiwi, Pohutukawa & Tui

And as a last little thing, I wanted to show you a commercial that I've been watching quite a lot recently 

Isn't it super adorable? It's features Naomi Yamaguchi who is so, so cute!

Happy December everyone!
Bye bye! ・゚,,。・:*❀・゚


  1. Zombieland is so cool! haha I've watched it twice already!

    All your coordinates are so so so cute! (those tights! ;A;)

    And you're too cute! I'd love to see you some day in a random Spoon or So-en mag, you'd totally fit in them! hehe
    Fluffy hair is the coolest <3

    AAAh that commercial! I saw it a few weeks ago, since a japanese friend loves She and Him, and sent the link to me! It's so cute! <3<3

    Brbrbr I love how you keep on posting cute things on this blog

  2. I think I will be watching many more times too! Haha

    Thank you ;_ゝ; I'm not good at the whole 'coordinating outfits' thing, so I'm learning quickly! It would be so awesome to be in a magazine like that! (The models in it are always as equally gorgeous as they are cute ・ω・ I don't think I could live up to that haha)

    The music is really cute too! Do you know if other songs by She and Him are good? That one in the ad is rather addictive...
    I'm envious of Japan's ads- they're always really original and pretty.

    Thank you again ;ω; It's still kind of baby steps haha...