Tuesday, December 7

Spoon December

Tumblr is down (and has been for almost 24 hours...) so I'd thought I'd do something to fill the void haha

Okay! Let's talk about Spoon's December issue! Spoon, along with Fudge and SO-EN, is my favourite magazine.
I got my scans through Tokyo Jam on LiveJournal. I've yet to find a place that sells Spoon online ・°・(ノД`)・°・ The website for Spoon is here
I was so thrilled when I saw the cover! The main feature of this issue was and article on Cheburashka, so there was a Russian/Eastern European theme throughout, which made it a favourite issue for me!

I love the colours and how the model looks like a cute babushka! 

I don't really know much about Cheburashka, but it looks really cute. Has anyone seen it or read the books? The English version is called 'Totty' or something along those lines...

Continuing the Russian theme, there was a feature on matryoshka, otherwise known as Russian nesting dolls. These are really popular now aren't they? I have a few at home. Me and my dad discovered a store in New Zealand that sells hundreds of them. It was pretty amazing! There were Michael Jackson ones and everything! ( ゚ ヮ゚) Did you know that they are thought to have originated in Japan? Oh the things mori girl magazines teach me!

Look how tiny the dolls on the bottom right hand side become! ●´ω`●

Now onto the fashun!

Yay! Syrup! ♥

This was really similar to a previous shoot I saw; 'Syrup in Estonia'. They always manage to show the countries in such a lovely way! 
I love Syrup's clothing for its charming simplicity. I love the use of occasional bright colours that really pop out! 
If I've done this right, click to enlarge images!

I love the outfit on the left so much! The rabbit on the dress on the right is really cute too

 I am searching desperately for pants like the ones on the left! They were featured in Spoon's Summer Mori Girl issue, and ever since then, I've been searching high and low for some similar. I suppose I'll have to make some

Anyone else a Syrup fan? I'd have to say that it's my favourite (for now...)

There's also a feature on Antique Shopping in Benicia, California, with one of my favourite models, Chelsea Maika. (geeze, this issue is just full of favourites!) I'd never heard about this place before this feature. It looks like a really cute town, and apparently it has a huge antiques fair once a year. 

biscuit bag! O:

That's really all I can be bothered posting about! There's a lot more in there that I haven't posted about, and I'm sure if you can read Japanese, it'd be a bajillion times better than it already is. I really enjoy this magazine. It has a good mixture of fashion and other articles. 

You should all take a peek at it! fo serious! ( ´‿ゝ`)

Bye bye! ・゚,,。・:*❀・゚
Time to go back to furiously refreshing tumblr...


  1. thanks for follow me!
    I absolutely love the Spoon of December!

  2. No problem ♥ I love your illustrations!

  3. So-En is one magazine I fell in love inmediately and love to death!
    And Spoon and Fudge are between my favs too.
    They are all so... magic! Everything about them is great <3

    Syrup is so great! When I found them on Zozopeople I couldn't believe what I saw, so cute! so frilly! so pretty!

    Argh, I need to get some awsme japanese skills, or someone bored enough to translate these! ahah

  4. I remember Cheburashka from my childhood, I had the book and watched the movie and even had soft toy Cheburashkas. Funny to come across this again years later in a mori girl context. :)