Monday, January 10

Long time, no blog!

HELLO! And apologies for my holiday-induced abandonment of this blog!
I've (almost) literally been in a car for the past few weeks, touring the South Island, stopping off every few hours to look at the sights, and many second hand stores. I really like motels and hotels (regardless of the quality of them...), so I found it a lot of fun!
It was a great surprise to come back to my blog and see I've gained some new followers! Hello, and welcome to you all!  ゚ ヮ゚

Here's what I wore today! BONUS: A slightly better quality photo than usual, that proves that I do venture outside! Taken in my front yard whilst watching neighbours looking at us like we were mad...

Thanks for the photo mum! I'll keep you on! haha ^▽^

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas, and a great year so far!
School starts again in two or three weeks though...  ゚-゚Is anyone back at school/work/-insert name of institution here- already? All the best to you guys! ♥

I just wanted to show you two presents that my aunt got for me from Japan for Christmas!
FUDGE! This issue is mostly about fashionable girls in London, Paris and NY.
One thing I never new about FUDGE until actually owning a copy is that it reads like a Western magazine, left to right. Not like most other Japanese magazines or books...
This was a real surprise! I'm not much of a lip gloss or eye shadow wearer, but the blush is such a gorgeous, vibrant pink! I haven't gotten around to taking a good photo of it yet. lazy

How was your Christmas this year? Did you get any good presents, or did you just have a good time with family and friends? ●´ω`●

Here's a few shots from my trip around the South;

A giant sock noodle! We went to Hokatika's 'Sock World & Sock Machinery Museum', where they have lots of old sock knitters and machines. All the patterns and colours of the socks had me almost frothing at the mouth! They were a bit pricey, so I could only buy one pair ;_ゝ; 

This was on Bendigo Hill, Otago. It was a gold mining village in the 19th century, but was abandoned after about 40 years because they weren't finding any more gold. The hill is covered in abandoned houses, hotels and uncovered mine shafts (and lots and lots of rabbit poop...)! This was the highlight of my trip for sure!

In Kaikoura, I visited Fyffe House, a house built on whale bones over 140 years ago. All the rooms are basically as they were when they were built, however the the original wallpaper has begun sagging off the walls, and wooden floors are looking time-worn. It was such a melancholic house (even in the bright summer sun),  as many of the personal items of past families still remain.

Just a few bits and bobs I picked up along the way...

I leave you all with this picture of Lake Hawea that I took on a blisteringly hot day (click to enlarge a bit!).

I think I need to occupy my time with more crafts! I've been looking at various Western mori girl blogs, and the stuff they do just blows me away!

See you next time!
Bye bye! ・゚,,。・:*❀・゚


  1. Love your red shoes! this hat is a good idea in these sunny days ^^

  2. The photo of Lake Hawea is gorgeous! It looks like you had lots of fun. :D


  3. I love your blog! I just happened across it. :) Your are gorgeous and our outfit is stunning. You have such pure style, something I haven't seen in a very long time. Definitely following, hope to see more posts soon :) (Don't worry about the holiday neglecting, I had the same problem with my blog!) xxx

  4. @MARINE
    Thank you! I agree ^^ It's way too hot right now!

  5. @rgsd
    The whole South Island was really beautiful! It was much more fun than I thought it was going to be~

  6. @Joanna
    Oh my gosh thank you so, so much for the lovely comment! <3 I'm still a newbie at dressing myself, but I am glad you like what I wear!
    I think your blog is great! The pictures are a great source of inspiration <3

    I hope you will enjoy my future posts!

  7. ah, everything looks so lovely! (´ω`*)
    and those socks!! <3 waaaant!
    your blog is very cute and i love your style! ♥