Wednesday, January 19

Various Updates

Hello again! How's everyone been these past few days?
The start of school is looming! This year, my last year at high school, I no longer have to wear school uniform; mufti every. single. day. Just the thought of it makes me tear through my closet, trying to think of outfits 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

Speaking of outfits, here are a few things I've worn recently. It has been disgustingly humid and hot here so they have been kind of thrown together in a heat-induced lethargy└(`0´)┘

 First outfit is inspired by the '⎡Mori Girl⎦ meets ⎡Mori Boyish⎦' feature in Mori Girl Lesson 2!
However, the pièce de résistance are my $4 puffy overalls. (Hideous you say? ノД`)

Recently, I went to an antique fair with my friend and I, being the forgetful person I am, completely forgot to bring my camera along! Which in truth, if I did bring it along, I would've completely forgotten to take photos anyway! It was a bit pricey, but I managed to buy a few cute little brooches.

The brooch on the left is wooden, whilst the one on the right is a tiny embroidered picture of flowers!
(Also, my cat photobombed this picture with her paws!)

Down the road from the fair was a local market. I picked up this cute hand-made brooch there. It' made from old pictures books, and in the shape of a hummingbird!

We have a good farmer's market here, but usually there are no good collecter's fairs or anything. Do you have any good markets or fairs around where you live? 
However, there are plenty of well-stocked thrift stores around here!

On another note, I've been thinking of getting my hair professionally styled for once in my life! I'm sick of sickly looking hair tips and dull box-dye hair... 
Fusae Tachibana's styling in the first Mori Girl Papier has stuck in my mind ever since I first saw it;

I'm pretty sure many of you have seen this floating about tumblr! If any of you are interested, the photoshoot is titled 'Nostalgic Mode'. My friend owns the issue that contains it, so next time I go to her's,  I'll remember to write down the model's name too!
Anyway, I'm eyeing up a colour similar to this. I would love to have it exactly like her's, if it weren't for the fact that my hair is; incredibly curly, much shorter, and in muuuuch worse condition!
We can dream can't we? ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ
So to give me further inspiration, I'll post some of Fusae's amazing hair styling! Fusae features in a lot of magazines like SO-EN and Spoon, so I'm sure you'll have seen some of these!

What do you think of Fusae's style? Do you think it's fantastic or just over the top? ( ゚ヮ・) 
I'm a real fan of short fringes! I'd like to know what you think!

See you again soon!
Bye bye! ・゚,,。・:*❀・゚


  1. Your outfit with the overalls is sooo cute! I want to try to find some next time I go to the thrift shops. The outfits feel a little more Journal Standard to me, but I like mori girl meets boy, I should try it when I make more trousers.

    I really love the short fringe too, I think it is adorable, its all whimsical and fun. I wish I could cut mine as short as yours but it would just be a big puffy mess.

  2. I love more your second look - so funny :)

    Lovely brooches! Especially the one with a cat, it looks very peculiarly. And I ♡ cats very much :)

    I saw that picture before and I liked it too! And her hair ♡ Oh yes, why not dream? *)

  3. is so nostalgic!
    remember something from my childhood *i don't know why ^^ *

    death by cuteness with your brooch


  4. I love all of those hairstyles. I think the second one (first in the four smaller photos) would really suit you!

    I tried having a short crescent-moon fringe. It looked very pretty after the hairdresser did it, and terrible after I washed my hair! I just couldn't get it to stay in the right shape. I'm back to messy sideswept bangs now~

  5. i love short fringes! i don't see many morigirls (outside of magazines) with short fringes. I also think your hair would look really nice that colour

  6. @Anya
    Thank you for you lovely comment! I really like pants in the mori style. Looking forward to seeing how you'd incorporate them into your outfits!
    My fringe is puffy 95% of the time, but I just comb it like mad when I notice it looks puffy! ^∀^

  7. @Natalie Thank you for your comment! <3 I feel a bit like Mario in those overalls ≧◡≦
    The cat looks very suspicious doesn't he? haha.
    Ahhh~ I wish my dream would come true ◡‿◡

  8. @MARINE Thank you for your comment! <3 I think I have too many cute brooches (if that is possible?)

  9. @Lyndall Wow! I didn't even think about her hairstyle! Because it's curly, it may just be a lot easier to manage! Thank you~ <3
    That always happens, doesn't it? Hairdressers make everything look so good, but it never stays that way ;^;

  10. @rikit They're aren't many are there? There should be more! haha.
    Thank you! <3 Fingers crossed that I can find a spectacular hairdresser!

  11. Your blog is so nice, I am very satisfied that I found it hehe... : ) Lovely picture and suh a nice post! I really like your style and your bun looks like so big and nice! I guess that I`ll have to wait still a while until I am able to have similar kind of size, though my hair feels quite long already, mybun is still pretty small (or then I just fail at doing my hair... D8).

    and ooh I`d love to find more pictures of that model (Nostalgic Mode), let us know the name if you figure it out! : )

  12. @Noora; Thank you! (≧ω≦)♥ I'm really enjoying your blog too- I need to start commenting on it! Your style of drawing really appeals to me ♥
    I think my hair is about the same length as yours? I may have the (not so bonus) bonus of having fluffy hair, so my bun tends to 'poof' by itself ’_’

    Sure! I completely when I was at her house a few days ago, but I'll make sure it write it down next time!

  13. Cath: oh I just noticed your answer here! : ) and so greeaaat that you think so, it is so nice to hear that someone who´s blog+ style appeals to me is interested in my blog/drawings too! <3 Hehee!
    Ooh, I see. : ) Well, maybe I´ll have to "practice" making nicer buns more, I am sometimes probably too critical towards my own hair and I give up easily if the bun doesn`t look good to me. My hair is probably average thick so it shouldn`t be the main problem but sometimes it feels like a little extra lenght would help a lot ;--) (and in fact I have also naturally curly hair, or rather wavy :-) I just often straight it because my bangs go weirdly easily. : o I am trying to teach myself to live with my "natural" hair and not to straighten it so often, it is haaaard)

    and thank you so much :>