Thursday, January 27


Sorry guys! I got so caught up in my laziness that I forgot to update! °Д°
Well, there's only one weekend left before school starts. In some ways I am thankful as I will finally get out of the house, but I wouldn't mind staying as lazy as I am right now haha ´ω`
February is generally hotter than December and January, so having to sit through classes in the heat is going to be tough.
Anyway! I hope everyone has had a great January! Also, hello to my friend who is now stalking following my blog! ♥♥

Here's a few things I've been wearing lately:

Nothing too spectacular... ´‿ゝ` Although these images probably deceive you into thinking that it's Autumn or something...

One thing that I've been excited about recently is the UNIQLO x Franche Lippee collab! These are limited-edition shirts that have been designed by the adorable Franche Lippee. The good thing about this collaboration is not only the cute designs, but the affordability. Usually a Franche Lippee shirt would cost over 10,000 yen, but these shirts are only 1,500 yen! 
Sigh... if only overseas people could actually buy UNIQLO online... ・°・(ノД`)・°・

Click on an image to go to the UNIQLO website!

 The other day I was cleaning my room, and I found a box of miniatures I made. A couple of years ago, I was really into dollhouses and miniatures, and would spend hours making itty bitty things.

These are just a few of the HUNDREDS of things I made...

I kind of miss all of the fiddly work involved with making dollhouse stuff. ;_ゝ; Maybe I could start making accessories incorporating miniatures? ^▽^
What kind of hobbies did you have when you were younger? Do you still do them today?

On a completely different subject, in the December issue of SEDA, there's a feature on plaiting your hair! Even though it's in Japanese, the pictures are pretty clear and straight forward. 

I got my scans from Tokyo_Jam on lj!

This year, I hope to learn how to plait my hair properly... (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ 
I hope these will be useful for someone!

Today I was in the garden and found a toadstool! I have no idea how why it is growing in this weather, but it made me excited for all the mushrooms and toadstools that will hopefully grow later in the year!

PHEW. So many topics in one post! I hope I'm not being incredibly vague about everything... Д゜
I promise I'll write sooner next time!

Bye bye! ・゚,,。・:*❀・゚ 


  1. I love your outfits! The first one is my favorite :)
    It's going to be really hot here next week too, I'm looking forward to autumn! But I will try to make the best of the hot weather with lots of gelati and trips to the beach.

  2. Lovely outfits, all of them! xxxxx

  3. Aha. Does it really say who checks out blogs alot?!
    Thanks a lot blogger. Anyways, I totally talked about that on my blog yesterday, your number two on my list of people who inspire me on blogger!

    "Then there is Cath who for such a young age has an amazing, quirky perfect style that looks adorable on her. Let's just say, if I was nearly as stylish at her age, highschool would have not as been so much of a drag. Not to mention, she sometimes posts really kind comments here--I wish blogger had some sort of method like Livejournal to comment back directly to a person, because I do comment back to her. Plus it makes me look rude for leaving someone hanging. I digress, this is about people right now who inspire me-- I think the image too, of Cats in Straw Hats reminds me of a Jan Brette illustration."


  4. the first outfit is too adorable. i love how you did your hair, i woudln't think with your length it was possible to do such a variety of hairstyles, you're very accomplished

  5. @Lyndal Thank you! The 'skirt' is actually this boob-tube dress that I thought I would never wear!
    That sound like such a great way to spend a hot day! Please take some photos! <3

  6. @Joanna; Thanks so much for your comment! <3<3

  7. @Anya; fnskjdfnjdsfn! 'Scuse the key mashing! I think I'll reply to this on your blog! <3<3

  8. @rikit; Thank you! ≧◡≦ My hair is a bit of a mission sometimes! It likes to get really fluffy ;;

  9. Ah! You're so cute! The first photo looks like it came straight out of a mori magazine! The top-knot bun is the cutest!

    And speaking of toadstools, during the early part of Spring last year, we had many toadstools around the parks in our area. They looked very happy growing in tight bunches!

  10. Love your outfits! I really like people that stand out (in a good way). It looks comfortable, sweet, romantic with a touch of vintage.

  11. hey =) just wanted to say a big thank-you to you because I downloaded Valon volume2 from the livejournal magazine community.

    It was really kind of you to scan in all those images! I love valon.

    Thank-you ! P.S. Your blog is cutecutecute !

  12. @Kairii Chan; Thank you! ≧◡≦ Top knots are the easiest hairstyle for me to do
    That sounds gorgeous! ✿ I'm really hoping to see a 'fairy ring' of toadstools sometime!

  13. @Natali; Thank you so much for your comment! The weather right now doesn't make it all that comfortable, but I just can't wait for winter! ♥◠‿◠

  14. @Buhrena; No problem! It was a way to occupy my time! I'm planning to buy some other magazines soon, the first issue of Valon included. Provided I have time, I might scan them in too.
    Thank you! ^▽^