Wednesday, February 23

I was going to update my blog as per usual yesterday, but my, and the rest of New Zealand's attention has been on the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that hit the city of Christchurch yesterday.
Unlike the earthquake that hit the city last year, this one was during the middle of the day and quite shallow.

Hundreds of people are still trapped under buildings, including many visitors to the city that was renowned for its beauty. 
For a country with a population of only 4 million, everyone knows someone who knows someone, which means everyone knows someone who is affected by the quake.

Rescue teams and specialists from places like Australia, USA, Japan and England are planning to help with the rescue effort.

My heart goes out to everyone in Christchurch, and anyone who has a loved one there. ・゚,,。・:*❀・゚ 


  1. Oh my, I hav totally missed that! :/ Absolutely horrible, huh I hope that they`ll manage to rescue as many people as possible. : (

  2. Horrible! The beginning of this year has been terrible with all these disasters across all these countries - I hope everyone in Chrischurch are okay.

  3. Terrifically >.<
    I extremely hope those people will be ok =.=