Wednesday, February 16

Nice Things

Today was our school's athletics day, which turned out to be disastrous as it poured down all morning. At lunch, they decided to call it off as there was no way of keeping 800 or so drenched, freezing teenage girls happy.
So to improve the soggy day I wanted to post some nice things (hence the title!).
WARNING; Very image heavy!

Anne Of Green Gables (1985 TV Movie)
I guess I enjoy all of Anne Of Green Gables (books, movies, series), but I find the aesthetics in the 1985 tv film to be the most pleasing! They've recently released a remastered edition on DVD that is oh so tempting~

All of these images are from here

Through an image on tumblr, I found this blog by a woman named Elsa Mora. She makes the most unbelievably adorable and beautiful dolls, and each one is so unique. She has an etsy too, but sadly, her dolls are sold quite quickly! Here are a few of my favourites; 

Julia is a Canadian artist who creates beautiful pieces that "attempt to reclaim the innocence and curiosity of childhood." She involves a lot of miniatures work in her art and I really enjoy looking at it!

February Issue of Spoon
I downloaded my scans at Zasshiko. I loved the whole issue! From Aoi Yu to the kitsch Soviet stamps to the feature on the anime, Kuragehime! And to top it all off; a celebration of 10 years of Power Puff Girls in Japan! Love, love, love!

 And... Konapun
Again, tumblr introduced me to the amazing Japanese toy; Konapun (こなぷん) . Kona means powder, and pun means starch. These little packets of wonder only require water to create amazingly realistic food (but sadly, they are inedible...)

Here's a video of the 'Fried Lunch Set' konapun being made. The author of this video has many more videos of konapun!

Well, I hope you guys have enjoyed all these 'nice things'! It's back to doing homework for me now!

Will post again soon! Bye bye!・゚,,。・:*❀・゚ 


  1. Such a lovely post..! : ) I loved the pictures from Anne Of Green Gables and now I`d like to see that serie too! I am not sure if I had even heard about it before, maybe we haven`t have it on Finland`s tv... : o

    Now I also discovered Julia Hepburn and her art, thank you!

    Konapun sounds and looks like great! It is a totally new thing to me and it is fun to realize how witty some people are (I hadn`t ever come up with an idea about this kind of "toy" food. : D).

  2. ..only problem with Konapun is that it looks like too delicious :---D If I was a child, I`d probably try to eat all that stuff haha

    (even now as a 19-yearl old I`d almost had to taste for curiousity hahhahaha) : )

  3. What a lovely post, thank you for introducing me to these things, I'll have to check them out and research them :) That's unfortunate about the sports day, its happened to my school in the past too! I swear, they pick the worst days to hold these things. xxx

  4. Gorgeous pictures! I must say, I haven't had the oppurtunity to be acquainted with Anne of Green Gables - neither the book, nor the films. But now, I will have to find them out!

    Those konapun look like a lot of fun! ^^

  5. Ah, its Anne! I remember reading all of the books then watching the movies. What a flashback that is.

    I wanted to give you this heads up, fellow Wonder Rocket lover:
    Electric Alice has some Wonder Rocket goods up in their shop and they are onsale because the company did not have much success selling them.

  6. I adore the Anne of Green Gables tv movie. My cousin and I used to watch it over and over on VHS at my Grandma's house! Of course now I love to curl up and have a marathon where I watch it, and then watch the sequel. I'd love to go to Prince Edward Island someday and see the replica of Green Gables!

  7. @Noora; I am glad to have introduced you to so many new things!
    I feel the same way about konapun! There are toys similar to konapun that are made from candy thankfully!

  8. @Joanna; No problem! I love discovering new things and I love to share them too!
    Apparently it was the first cancellation in over 35 years!

  9. @Kairii Chan; You should definitely read the books! I'm glad to introduce you to Anne! hehe

  10. @Anya; She's so adorable isn't she?
    I saw those! I;m just hoping that the prices will drop a bit more- there's nothing I particularly like left :(

  11. @Lyndall; Ah! That sounds like so much fun!
    I didn't know that there was a replica of the Gables! I must research now!