Thursday, March 10


My thoughts and love go out to Japan and all the people affected,
Kia Kaha. ♥


Ahhh! ・°・(ノД`)・°・
Sorry for not posting or commenting on other blogs for a while! (Mixture of homework, job and laziness º~º) Our school managed to raise over $3500 for Christchurch! (which is amazing as we barely raise $600 usually...) Tomorrow we are spending a day cleaning the school to get ready for a big event!

Introducing one of my cats!

I hope everyone has been having a good week!

Here's the usual outfit post! I apologise for the hideous yellow tinge to all the photos- I take the photos in the morning (and my room is quite dark) with the main light on. It has a rather unfortunate glow...

I am very thankful for autumn's abrupt arrival! I can comfortably wear cardigans and tights for the majority of the day 。♥‿♥。

I have been trying out many different hair styles recently...
...Including ram-like curls on the side of my head!

In my last post I talked about visiting Atrium on Elliot. Today I want to show you my 'gets' from Auckland, and other places over the past few weeks °ω° 

Lepsim Lowrys Farm lace vest. I have been search for so so so long for a lace vest. The ones sold various chain stores where I live are over priced and quite ugly. I am over the moon to have found this vest as it was very cheap and very pretty. It was also a plus to be from one of my favourite mori brands!
On the right is a lace collar and trim tunic. This wrinkles so easily! I only put it down for 5 minutes after ironing, and it ended up looking like that! This was in a bargin bin and is quite cute ◠‿◠

The lacey cardigan-thing was at a retail sale and at a 3rd of its retail price!
On the right is an Olive Des Olive button down shirt that I found at a second-hand designer store!
On the left is a peterpan collared dress that I found at Recycle Boutique! It is handmade and trimmed with tiny crocheted lace ♥‿♥
This cardigan has quickly become my closet staple! It only cost me $1 at a garage sale!
I also found SM2 jeans at the garage sale too! They were only $1 too!!  ゚Д゚

On Monday after school, my friend and I went to the local auction house to rummage through boxes of gorgeous shoes. A shoe shop had recently closed and the auction house was selling sets of 6 brand new pairs of shoes for $30 ($5 dollars a pair!). Through hysterical giggling fits and squishing feet into itty bitty heels, we managed to pick 6 pairs. The majority of them are heels, but the cream of the crop were these beautiful leather boots! ♥‿♥

I've always got my eye out for a deal! (°w°;≡°w°)


In the weekend I brought one of my dollhouses up from the basement. I'm wanting to do it up in a forest-y theme! Anyone have any ideas for the interior or exterior? ●´ω`●


Lastly, I wanted to introduce you to the mori-girl musical duo 'PoPoyans'. Cheru and Nonchan make very soft and simple music- very reflective of the mori girl style. The duo started making music in 2007, and released their first album, 祝日 (Holiday), in 2008. I'm not one to describe music, so I'll let it speak for itself! 

PoPoyans in Mori Girl Lesson 3 & Nonchan's blog

Not only is their music and style lovely; their website and blogs (Cheru & Nonchan) are an endless source of inspiration!


I hope you have enjoyed PoPoyans, and put up with my mindless consumerism! I hope this post wasn't too dull...  。◕x◕。 What do you think of PoPoyans' music and style?

Time to catch up on commenting on blogs! haha
Bye bye! ・゚,,。・:*❀・゚ 


  1. I loove your outfits, the last one was probably my favourite. 8) You also did some great founds in Auckland, looks like so nice! Especially I like the peterpan collared dress and the cardigan. <3

    ...and aaah that dollhouse is too pretty! I have some kind of obsession with that shade of blue at the moment! :'o I`d love to have one like that, may i ask you where did you got it..? : )

    your posts are so nice! *___*

  2. wow i want to visit auckland to find such a great deals *O* and i thought i was the queen of cheap finds but you've got me beat.

    your outfits are so adorable! i really like that they're not cookie-cutter and you really pull off some eccentric pieces

  3. Love love love everything about this post!!

  4. oh your cat is too cute. almost as cute as you!

  5. what a great post and you're cute
    ...and good luck )))