Sunday, March 20

OH NO ・°・(ノД`)・°・

Ahhhh! Not so good weekend! I had taken many photos for my blog, but, in a long and convoluted chain of events,  they have been deleted! (Not by me either!) (ノД`) Instead I will post some pretty things~
I get my scans through Tokyo-Jam on LJ
SO-EN's (装苑) April Issue features an advertorial for Franche Lippée's (Including Chérir la Femme and Black) SS range. I love the model's curly mess of hair! Not to mention the adorable print. Close ups of the items can be seen on their website here

SEDA's March issue features their usual mori-girl model Kodoma Masumi (児玉益美) in various outfits with a 'mori-girl' rating. It has a percentage next to each outfit, showing how 'mori girl' it is. I think all the outfits are fantastic, regardless of the percentage! I have such a girl crush on Masumi! ≧◡≦

And because of Masumi, I've been drooling over all of Crisp's clothing

As many of you may know, Poupée Girl has opened a Jewel shop, and the proceeds from that shop go towards helping the victims of the quake and tsunami. Good job Poupée Girl!

Hopefully I can make up for my camera issue next time! I'm planning to write shorter and more frequent posts as it will be easier on my brain, and, hopefully, easier on your concentration! :S

My thoughts go out to everyone everywhere in this very rough begging to the year.・゚,,。・:*❀・゚ 

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