Thursday, June 2

Some things

Here's a few things that I'm really liking these past few moments...

Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth I, FUDGE magazine May 2011,
Fashion Served, Mori Girl Papier #1

Ginger hair & barely-there eyebrows. I am really liking light eyebrows at the moment- they give a really delicate appearance I think.

Recently I came across an Argentinian designer's website, Nadine Zlotogora, and instantly fell in love with the clothes. They have a simple, gypsy-like feeling. Her website hasn't been updated since 2009 though and I am struggling to find any more recent work by her. Nevertheless, I have been enjoying looking at her past works.

My new sailor socks, Chestnuts (roasted of course!),
The very cute Paper Mache children's magazine, puffy stickers I got for $1

And just a few more little things!

In my last post, I posted a video with Chelsea Maika, and someone asked who the song was by. It's by 'Naomi & Goro'. Here's another one of their songs, Yoakeno Uta.

I'm in the middle of exams right now, so I really should be studying!
See you soon❁


  1. Those socks are so cute!

    I love light red hair... And the model from 'Mori Girl Papier' is one of my favourites :)

  2. Beautiful inspiration! I love ginger hair too - though, I would look awful funny with ginger hair! XD

  3. I love ginger hair, I use to dye it that colour for a long time, but now my hair is so damaged I had to cut it super short. Never going to dye it again haha!
    And good luck with studying!

  4. @Lyndall; Everyone has a soft spot for socks don't they! ゚ ヮ゚ Although many people have issues with red hair- I'd be so pleased to have it

  5. @Kairii Chan; I think everyone should have ginger hair!  ̄▽ ̄

  6. @Miradell; That's a shame- but thanks for saying that! It's something that I am worried about, especially considering my hair isn't all that great currently. Thank you ( ´・‿-) ~ ♥

  7. @Jazzy E; Thank you for your comment and the luck! ñ_ñ♥