Sunday, June 19

Take it Easy

Amazing eyes! ゜o゜

Recently I went on a little excursion to the beach with my family and a friend. I turned out to be quite a horrible weekend weather wise, but on the way back we stopped off at a cheese factory that had a little field of goats and alpacas. Although they were cute, the alpacas were less than friendly `ー´  But we were able to feed some goats and chooks ・ω・

I've been sleeping in past my alarm clock recently so I've had no time to take outfit shots! I promise I'll take some more soon! I also died my hair a darker shade. I felt like my yellow hair was looking a bit tacky and straw-like. I must remember to book a hair appointment!

Left: Hat; Dotti ・ Overshirt; Glassons ・ Dress; EzyBuy ・ Pants; Thrifted ・ Shoes; Thrifted
Right: Scarf; A gift ・ Cardigan; Thrifted ・ Crocheted Cardigan; Thrifted ・ Dress; EzyBuy ・ Socks; CottonOn ・ Shoes; Number One Shoes

I know, I know- I wear that big brown cardigan way too often... haha
Here's a few shots from around my town!

This store sells lots of cute antiques and new gifts.
An adorable clock I found in a chain store! I already have a perfectly good clock- but it was still so tempting haha! 
This is of a wedding venue- but it's very dilapidated and I've never seen it used.

I found a super cute Rakuten store that I wanted to share with you all! 

OrganFan sells lots and lots (and lots!) of cute (and quite affordable) jewelry and accessories! A lot of the brands that they sell are featured in magazines such as FUDGE, so of course I was instantly hooked on their goods! I could spend hours just browsing through their items haha. 
Click on the cup to waste away the day!

See you soon❁


  1. Your outfits are always so inspiring! I l really adore your pantaloons, and the clogs! I've been looking for them some here but they are so hard to find, my mom teased me that she made some when she was younger and now she does not want to share her secrets of how she made them. xP

    I'm glad the collar inspired you, I can't wait to see yours, I bet it will be super cute!

  2. Alpacas are so cute, but not very interested in people... We have llamas near where we live, they couldn't care less about us humans trying to talk to them... >__>

    Your coordinations are adorable as always, and your hair looks awesome~ X3

  3. Adorable blog you have here--and I love that cardigan!

  4. I really love your blog & style! You are so sweet, creative & unique... Im following dear <3