Wednesday, July 27

Co-ord Practice #1

Hello! I've been doing some coordinating practice by using a main item and coordinating outfits around it.

The item I used was this brown, knee-length button up dress with cream collar that I purchased at a market for $2. It is quite fitted and has padded shoulders ( ヾ( ゚Д゚)ノ ) and because of this, it can easily be worn by itself. However, I wanted to see how I could 're-invent' this item! 

1. Worn unbuttoned with white/cream dress and accessories 
2. Worn with check pants and straw boater

3. Over long dress with scarf and earmuffs
4. (My favourite!) Blue dress, cream shorts, and black and gold accents

5. Over 50's dress, shirt, and with crocheted shawl and red accessories

This was really fun to put together, so I'm sure I'll do more in the near future!
I've also made a few tiny changes about this blog- including a tags list :) Also, I'll be adding more links to my fave blog list over the next few days.

Holidays have got me all inspired! 
Thanks for reading 


  1. I love your combinations! : > It is always so fun to look at your outfit pictures, because all the clothes are just adorable. That dress surely is versatile and cute! And how little you payed, I wish I found something as great for such a good price (sometimes yes, but mostly not, hehe... :' ))!

  2. Wow, you did manage to succeed!

  3. You easily have the best wardrobe ever. :)

  4. Amazing! You always manage to to find lovely and cheap items! I must work harder at this skill! >3<

  5. I love all of your outfits! Adorable! ^^

  6. @Noora; Ah thank you! ╯3╰ ♥ Sometimes I am lucky with second-hand clothes, but mostly I'm not.... ╯︵╰,

  7. @Midori; Thank you so much for your comment! ≧ ∀ ≦

  8. @Gabrielle; Thank you! ≧◡≦

  9. @Anon; I must have the most unorganised wardrobe too ╯︵╰, Thank you for the comment anon! <3

  10. @Kairii Chan; I think it's mostly because I always want the things no one else wants! I'm always jealous of your finds <3

  11. @Cherie; Thank you so much! ≧ω≦