Monday, July 25

Land Locked Blues

It's started snowing in some parts of the country! Welcome Winter!

Yesterday my friend and I went to a local con called Overload. Whilst I was looking through the stalls, I spotted this little gem by Eachy-Peachy and Taillte

It starts off a bit like a mori-themed picture book with a cute rhyme, and the rest is filled with sketches of mori girls, clothing and accessories!

I was so happy to find this! Especially in little ol' New Zealand! Take a look at their websites (1,2)! They have such lovely art! 

I've been wearing a lot more darker and earthy colours this season (´・ω・) I also cut my fringe so I can finally see again!

 Left: Hat; Formerly my brother's・ Shirt; Thrifted ・ Dress; Sussan ・ Skirt; Thrifted ・ Socks; Soxtrot・ Shoes; Overland・ Bag; Formerly my mother's

Right: Vest; Thrifted ・ Cardigan (under dress); Glassons ・ Dress; EzyBuy・ Skirt; Thrifted・ Shoes; Number 1 Shoes Necklace; DIVA 

Cardigant; Thrifted ・ Shirt; Dotti ・ Dress; CottonOn・ Pants; Thrifted・ Shoes; Number 1 Shoes 

I got some of my film used in my Shiro Neko Holga (seen above!) developed, and I wanted to show you guys my two favourite shots from the roll.


Bright Eyes - Land Locked Blues

I hope that everyone is well, and that those who are in the Northern Hemisphere aren't melting too much!
Thanks for reading!


  1. What a beautiful artbook, never heard of it before~
    And your outfits are awesome as always! ^-^

  2. It sounds so weird hearing you talking about snow when I'm melting here! haha

    You look super cute with your fringe so short! <3 Mine has to be right under my eyebrows to look cute! hehe

    I took two rolls of film to develope yesterday, and I'm going to a friend's this Friday/Sunday to scan them (plus two/three more rolls) tehee! Big analog post coming soon!
    Do you have any place where you upload all your analog pics??

  3. @Metal_Minish; It is much nicer in real life! Thank you <3<3

  4. @Sasa; I've seen the weather forecast for some places in America- it seems terribly hot!
    Ah! Looking forward to seeing them!!
    I used to have a flickr account, but I abandoned it sadly. I don't think most of my pictures are good enough to post to be honest haha

  5. Ooh, those art books look lovely!

    You always have such wonderful outfits. I really like your shoes in the last coordinate!

  6. nah nah, I'm sure your pics are good enough! I really am curious to see them now~tehhee

    I upload mine to my Lomo-home, you should make one too and upload your pics them! I'll send you an invite if you want~

    Plus, they give you (piggy)points when you do certain things (like, one picture of yours being picked as pic of the day, or translating/writing articles...) and you can get stuff cheaper! like cameras and film.
    I got my Diana mini 10€ cheaper (plus free shipping) thanks to that!