Friday, August 12

Inspiration Deux

Things that have caught my eye recently~

all photos from manapyon tag on tumblr

Although her style is more cult party than mori, I can't stop looking at her doll-like features and impeccable coordination.

images from the Syrup blog

The simple silhouettes, pastel tones and nifty applique has got me all inspired for the (rapidly) approaching spring!

images from Par Avion Online

I've been a big fan of Par Avion's clothing since I discovered the mori girls, and it's remained one of my favourites. I'm always looking at their online store, and just hoping that it's possible to find a way to get some of them or make them 

Winter evening sky

Nothing like pretty storm clouds rolling in...

The Giant Of Illinois - Andrew Bird

Thanks for reading ♥


  1. So lovely! I want the big thick braids the first girl has. And the constellation skirt by Par Avion is just gorgeous.

  2. Those pictures look lovely! I'm also deeply in love with dolly-kei/cult party. I'm trying hard to wrar it more often but it can be hard some time.

  3. i love love the new syrup collection, but i miss the old webshop :(.. where are all of those pretty collars?!

  4. oh my gosh, that Manapyon girl is such a cutie. So doll-like. *O*

  5. I saw this cute girl in several tumblr but I didn't know that she has a blog! Thanks for the info :D
    The skirt with the stars pattern is so pretty!

  6. Hi! Just wanted to say I added your button to my blog ^^ hope that's okay! x

  7. you are absolutely adorable. I looooove all these pictures!