Monday, October 24

( ゚-゚)( ゚ロ゚)(( ロ゚)゚((( ロ)~゚ ゚

With one day blurring into the next...

Either that or I'm complete dork.
Sorry for the disappearing act I've pulled on all of you lovely readers! I'm in the midst of my final high school term and so the weeks have been just zipping by (as have school project deadlines °Д°)

As well as a super quick update, this is a more formal method of announcing a further hiatus of my blog. Yes you can shake your fist at me now!

Exams are coming up real fast, but after that I'm free to blog for the next 4 months! °ω°
Plus I have some real exciting news about life events (well... exciting for me at least, but I hope you'll get some smiles out of it)

One thing that I have done of recent was make a floral headband. I found bunches of fake flowers (such as the ones on the left below), a headband, and with a sprinkling (more like a dousing) of hot glue I produced a Mucha-esque wreath. 
In total, the entire thing only cost $3 and about half an hour of my time.
It's really simple, so everyone should try it!

Also, my bestest best friend purchased this absolutely adorable Little Prince diary for me! ≧◡≦ It's so cute and even has itty bitty stamps! Thank you so much Cat~ <3<3

A rakuten store I've had my eyes on of recent is soulberry.

Even if I can't purchase the clothing, the images alone are enough to inspire a range of outfits. Especially with the summer months coming up (I always feel like the odd one out being in the southern hemisphere!), I've been really interested in how to incorporate mori style in a way which is suitable for heat and humidity. Thankfully a lot of the clothing style focuses on natural fibres such as linen, so that has been an area of interest! 
There's a lot of other blogs that have suggestions for summer mori style, but do any of you have your own tips or tricks? ◠‿◠

Anyway, here's a few of my favourite images from soulberry!

Matryoshka - Anesthetic

This is hardly a post that makes up for all the time away, but I'll be blogging like a mad man in the months to come!

Keep hands inside the vehicle at all times. Hehe ♥


  1. Wow the headband is so pretty, where did you get the flowers from? I've been meaning to make one for a long time but never found the perfect flowers.

  2. Love your flower headband. The diary is lovely too ^^

  3. That headband is very pretty! ♥

  4. The headband is really cool! Skilled girl!

    Aww, you're not alone in the southern emisphere anymore!
    It's weird to read magazines and find winter coordinates/items/moods while I'm only thinking about going to the beach and buying pretty dresses! hah
    Luckily, now I can get Frankie magazine (finally! *tears of joy*) which comes with spring/summer everythings <3

    In my opinion, summer mori girl should be all white and simple. No layers (unless you want to die of heat D:)

  5. I'm too the odd out being in the southern hemisphere. But imagine summer in Brazil is the worst, believe.

    Love the headband <3
    Miss your posts!!!!

  6. @Katherine Tealeaf; Thank you! Just from a $2 dollar store. Generally the fake flowers are pretty ho-hum, but I managed to find some slightly nicer ones for once. I don't know about where you're from, but NZ seems to have a $2 store every 500 metres... +_+ You could also try looking in craft stores? I know that craft stores like Spotlight have a fake flower section, but they tend to be more expensive. Juts keep looking! There's a lot of fake flowers out there to be found! <3

  7. @Midori; Thank you very much✿◠‿◠

  8. @Gabrielle Yes! I find Matyroshka's music very soothing :)

  9. @Aimee; Thank you for your lovely comment! ≧◡≦

  10. @Sasa; D'aww shucks! It really wasn't that difficult!

    Yesss! I agree totally; although we do get the end of summer sales from online stores!◕‿◕ Ah! I love Frankie magazine! It's such a breath of fresh air! I wish more people would read it rather than cosmo and such...

    I'll keep that in mind! I love crisp white clothing! Thank you <3

  11. @Marine Gil; Ah my goodness of course it would be! I really have no right to complain about the heat here. haha
    Thank yooou! I will be finishing exams in a week so I'll update asap! ◕‿◕

  12. AHHH I have the Le Petit Prince molskine notebook, absolute love :)
    Also that floral headpiece is wonderful, you should make them and sell them xxxxx