Tuesday, January 31


The other day I came across a 'Homage to Mucha' feature in the Mucha Mook.
 Not only is a great homage to Mucha, but it was also a fantastic inspiration for accessorising!
 The Homage to Mucha photoset can be seen below!

Scans of Mucha Mook from Madouer

The Mucha Mook made me very much want to wear my floral wreath again, so I just put on something simple to go with it! I got this Deicy dress from my friend's mother for Christmas. It's so lovely and long, and it makes me feel nymph-like. ◠‿◠

Dress; Deicy (a gift)・ Overdress thing; Wonder Rocket ・ Collar; Glassons・ Shoes; Thrifted・Socks; CottonOn・ Headband; Handmade

Thank you so much to Piperita for the Liebster Blog prize she gave me! I feel very honoured and happy to receive it!  (I will have to get around to sharing the award to others asap! (≧◡≦) )

This is a very skinny blog post, but it was mostly to share the Mucha-inspired images.

Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a fashion subculture called Mucha Girl (ミュシャガール)? I could imagine some very pretty outfits in that style (almost a spinoff of etherial mori girl clothes)! 

Thanks for reading!☆


  1. I had no idea there was a homage to Mucha mook, now I'll have to pick it up! I would really love a Mucha girl style too, it would be amazingly pretty though it would have a very strong likely hood we all would need very very long hair. (๑→‿ฺ←๑)

  2. AH! alphonse mucha is one of my favourite artists! the art deco/nouveau style is so lovely. i think your outfit really has the organic feel of those pretty ladies he depicts :)so pretty!

  3. Unfortunately it isn't just Wonder Rocket. One Piece Senmonten Cawaii (http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/onepi-c/) also closed their real store in December (I went all the way there only to find out that they had closed 2 days prior to my arrival), Freegia closed down one of their two stores and Sango transformed from Mori Girl style to Ethno style clothes. It really seems to be a dieing trend in Japan. There aren't also really any new releases of Mori-themed magazines too. Mori Girl Papier, Mori Girl Valon - they never had any new issues past 2010. The The Mori Girl Lesson book still had an issue in October 11, so maybe there will be more, I am not sure as they were never released often.

    But about 2 years ago the trend wasn't just something people would either follow hardcore or not at all, like maybe Lolita style - You could see a lot of Mori influenced clothes everywhere and mixed up in all kinds of other styles. I think it was just generally considered "in" all over Japan. I even have a Popteen from 2009 that features a lot of Wonder Rocket clothes.

    There are still a few stores, especially online stores, that still focus on Mori fashion, but I think they are niche stores now.
    I am a bit sad to see this development, but who knows how it will continue.

  4. I love Mucha and liberty in general!!!
    Your outfit is adorable, that dress is a dream! I love the fairytale aspect of mori fashion the most :D
    Thank you for linking me ^^ I'm happy you liked the prize.