Wednesday, February 8

Bows, buns, buys oh my!

This last weekend I went camping with my friends at one of their farm properties. It was such a beautiful setting! There was a giant grassy hill that I spent many hours rolling down! It was a fantastic weekend- sadly most of the photos only group shots of me and my friends, and I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate me smacking them up here on my blog haha.

Here's a nice shot of the aforementioned hill! By the end of the weekend, that grass was a lot flatter!

For the weekend, I wore just camping-suitable attire- so no photos haha! But today I wore this for a lazy day about the house.
Later this week I'll try to take up Fern & Fawn's monthly challenge of incorporating roses into my outfit!

Shirt; EzyBuy・ Overdress; Supre ・ Pants; Thrifted・ Shoes; Thrifted・Socks; Glassons・ Bow; Bodyline・ Necklace; Wonder Rocket

I've also found a great solution to making easy buns (hair buns that is)! Surprisingly, it is by using a sock! Who would've thought! If you have trouble with topknots, try this as an alternative, and see if it works! I just discovered it today, but I can already tell it's a (strangely) useful thing to know. Being Lovely blog tells you how to do it here (or click the image below).

I haven't done much shopping recently. Most of my new clothing has been through sewing, which I will talk about a bit later! However, I've been keeping my eye out for some good deals about the place!

Left to Right:

  • CottonOn lace trim cardigan for $10- thin, but good for Spring and late summer!
  • Farm print leggings for $8- these are very warm, so I'm keeping them for the winter
  • Frilly mini skirt for $5- I'm not one to wear miniskirts, but the fabric really got to me haha
  • Trelise Cooper stain glass window necklace for $20- I'm a big fan of Trelise Cooper's clothing, and this would make a good accessory for a dolly kei inspired outfit I think! The chain is slightly reminiscent of a rosary.

Here's one of the sewing projects I worked on last week (again from my darling Pochee magazine! :P )
It's a pair of shorts and a wrap around skirt, that can be made into two different kinds of salopettes simply by pinning a front bib onto them- so in theory, I have 4 different wardrobe pieces! I only had just enough fabric to make them both, so I have to be very economical! 

Pro tip- make sure you put pattern pieces in a safe place where you won't mistake them for scrap fabric... (╥_╥)

How has everyone been lately? (✿◠‿◠) The summer here so far has been terrible! Barely any sunny days to speak of! 

I'll update with an inspiration post and rose-theme outfit later this week! 
Thanks for reading!☆


  1. The girls at my workplace were raving about the sock donut bun method, too! I want to try, but I'm not sure how it'll go with very curly hair... ^^;;

    Also, I love those short pants you're wearing! Reminds me to try making some of my own (after I've finished the two or three other things I'm currently making...)!

  2. your outfit is beautiful!
    it makes me feel weird, reading that you spent the day rolling down on the grass. I live in europe (france) and it's super-freezing outside. With snow, and stuff. I want to come in your country. No! I have to learn how to appreciate our cold and snowy weather!

  3. Love! I love all your outfits. Love love love! <3

    And spending time on a farm! Must be fun! Do they have many animals?

  4. I love rolling down hills! I did it in in a desert too, I had sand everywere, haha! But I didn't do it in years :(

    Your overdress with the big bow is adorable!
    I have way too much hair to try the socks bun XD

    I like your shopping, my absoute favourite is the skirt!!! I craved for a similar one that I saw in a shop here in Milan, but it costed too much :( Where did you bought one so cheap? But maybe I can try making one...seems like a good idea to recycle scrap fabric!

    Your sewing projects are really pretty and smart *O* Now I have more free time and I want to start sewing again U_U

  5. hi! i like your blog! we may follow each other, if u want) i'll be very happy)

  6. I just love your blog♥ It inspires me so much, and all your posts are so lovely♥