Friday, January 13

Mori Meme Day 8, 9, 10

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First off- Two very similar outfits- both with bad photos! (My face on the left was rather terrible and so I became the masked fox!).
Left: Dress; Handmade・ Shirt; Glassons ・ Socks; Gift・ Shoes; Thrifted・ Bag; Vintage・ Necklace; Equip
Right: Dress; Handmade・ Shirt; EzyBuy・ Socks; Farmers・ Shoes; Thrifted・ Accessories; Thrifted and Equip
As you can see, I've really been wearing my dress I sewed very often. The other day my friend noted that every time she sees me, I'm wearing it! ヾ( ゚Д゚)ノ
To solve this problem, I made another one, but it a chambre type material! This means I can swap, but still    wear the 'same' dress. ´ω`

It's the same shape as the other dress, but with a different colour!
I did a few outfit co-ords with it today, but I don't want to clog this one post up with too much stuff, so I'll save it for another post in the near future! 
Phew! I'm way way way behind with this whole meme thing!

Day 8 – 10 songs that inspire you for mori.
Most of the music I listen to is not at all inspiring for mori, but I'll give this one a shot anyway. (Also, please excuse the excess of Bright Eyes -’_’-)

  1. The Giant of Illinois - Andrew Bird
  2. Tourist Trap - Bright Eyes
  3. Bowl of Oranges - Bright Eyes
  4. Sweet Sweet - Noa Nowa
  5. Any Matryoshka song
  6. Or Popoyans song
  7. Renaissance - Sōtaiseiriron
Looking over this again, not many of these are very 'mori' at all. But I enjoy them none-the-less!

Day 9 – 10 things you will never do in mori.

  1. Extreme sports?
Not really sure. I do have occasions when I know that mori style clothing is totally inappropriate, but I can't think of anything I'll 'never do'!

Day 10 – What’s in your bag? 
Now I'm not going to lie here. My handbag is hardly what one would consider 'mori' but it is the most spacious and useful bag I've ever owned! However, I often change my bag to suit what I'm wearing. Also the contents varies on a day-by-day basis, but this is basically what I have on me at all times.

Here's a quick rundown of everything (top left clockwise);
Parachute army man (I am embarrassed to say that I love these toys haha), Wallet for cards and cash, Coin Purse, marimekko sunglasses pouch (with glasses inside!), an entire box of tissues (??), Gel pens, Notebook for jotting things down, Passport, Gift cards, made in colkinikha pouch for woman's things, Hollywood tape, Japanese vocab notebook, Cat mirror, various toiletries, My phone, iPod touch that can't play music on headphones..., Mini speaker and Shironeko holga!

And there's still a lot of space to spare! ヽ(°ω° )ノ

I'm looking forward to doing the photo essay of my day meme question!


It feels good to get back to blogging, even if this isn't the most interesting post! Haha
Thank you so much for reading! ♥


  1. The blue dress with the trim is super cute, I can't wait to see it posted with outfits. That is the one from the Pouchee magazine right, How do their finished garments/ clothes fit?

  2. I love that dress you made! And the blue one too! :D I completely agree with you on the bag thing too - sometiems a bag looks good but is really not very useful or practical (especially as students!)

  3. That new dress you made is just adorable (I love those embroidered tapes...)! It's a very flexible kind of pattern, so I don't blame you for wearing it all the time - goes with everything! :)

    Parachute army man (I am embarrassed to say that I love these toys haha)

    That's super cute. I love when people have these unexpected quirks :D

  4. @Anya; Ah I will be getting the photos up asap! Ahaha. Yesss my beloved Pochee magazine! To be honest, on me they're a little bit baggy (especially on the blue one). On my original one I (stupidly) forgot to add seam allowances, so the fit is a lot better. I'm a US size 6 if that is any help? Also I have a very small bust and so that made the dress a bit looser too.
    Most of the garments (at least in my issue) have free size waists and hip (as most have a smock-like pattern), so I guess it depends on the bust size mostly. Some patterns have more than one size too. Is that helpful at all? Sorry if it's not clear haha

  5. @Kairii; Thank you so much! <3 There has to be somewhere in between, surely! I'd love a gorgeous bag that was as half as spacious as my current one!

  6. @Rhiannon; Thank you so much! <3 (I'm a sucker for them too! Sometimes I don't even want to use them because they're too nice!). That's the kind of dress I was hoping for! Although I do feel a bit like I've been abandoning the rest of my closet!

    I used to be fascinated by them as a kid, and one of friends bought a packet of them for my birthday this year! I'm so happy you see it as a quirk and not as a really weird thing (or are they the same?! :P)