Thursday, January 12

New Year Giveaway!

First of all- Happy New Year! (And a very late happy holidays!) I've been away from the internet for a while, but I'm back again to start a fresh year!

Today I'd like to present to you a small giveaway to celebrate the New Year, one year anniversary of my blog, and to say thanks to everyone for following my blog! I truly never expected to have as many followers as I do, and I'm so grateful (especially considering my lack of updates!) to all of you. 

Without further a-do, I present...


I will be giving away a little giveaway prize to one lucky person!^∀^

The prize pack contains:

・ Pocket watch style necklace. (this watch is actually at lots nicer than the one I own personally!) The front opens to reveal the numbers, and it is a nice antique gold colour!
・ A sheet of Korean stickers with an Alice in Wonderland theme. These are super cute, and there's actually quite a lot of stickers on the sheet!
・ A lace detachable collar. It has a black satin ribbon that ties it together.

To enter:

Follow this blog using Google Friend Connect (Use Google, Blogger, Twitter, Aim or Yahoo account and click the 'Join This Site' button to the right of this page), and leave a comment on this post. 
Make sure to add your email address in the comment, so if you win I can contact you!
It's as simple as that!  ゚▽ ゚

You can also obtain extra entries by:

・Blogging or tweeting about the competition 
(Make sure to leave another separate comment with a link to the blog entry or tweet!)

I'll run the giveaway until midday on Tuesday 17th January (NZST / +13GMT)


How is everyone's New Year treating them so far? 

I'll be updating with outfit posts very soon!
All the best to everyone! ヽ( ゚ヮ゚)ノ.・゚*。・+☆
Thanks for reading and for all the support over the past year! ♥ ♥ Here's to a great 2012!


  1. Yay :) I already follow you ♥

  2. I'd totally love to enter <3__<3
    my email address is

  3. I love that detachable lace collar! :)

  4. Such a sweet giveaway! I am already a follower...

  5. Wonderfull that you are posting again<3 and love the giveaway~

  6. Yay, those things are gorgeous *_* My e-mail address is ^^

  7. ...and I've retweeted your tweet about the competition!/irinarichards

  8. Aww very sweet stuff! : ) Your blogs is so adorable(so are you!). :>

  9. I must admit - I just found out about this blog today, through a mori girl tumblr! I think I'd like to participate in this lovely giveaway. Now, if you don't mind, I'll be reading through the archives and getting acquainted with this darling blog. ^_^

    My email:

  10. I love you Cath :D Happy New Year!
    I also posted about it on fern & fawn here:

  11. What lovely prizes! : D xoffelocin at kittymail dot com.

  12. I love to enter! <3

  13. I've also tweeted about about your giveaway too!!/miradell_

  14. Hi! I'm following you via Google (on my account)

    My email is cp30(at) <3


  15. And I just posted about it!


  16. Happy New Year!


  17. Happy New Year to you, too!^^ I just stumbled upon this blog and was sure to follow anyway! :)

  18. Happy new year! I'm a new follower :)
    Nice outfits! I like the idea of the masked fox, I'm not very comfortable with the idea of putting my face on my blog. I wish I own a real mask, either fox or hare ♥ it ad a "mysterious" but cute thing to the picture.
    thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Helloo I did a Tumblr post about ur giveaway with a link to it : >

    my email you can find abow from my last comment :3