Sunday, December 5

Hello again!
Nothing much has been happing here, being the holidays and all. I've just been swimming with my friend and blobbing about in a comatose-like state. The computer has also been sucking me in, so I haven't gone outside as much as I should, considering the lovely weather and all.

Because of that I've been failing to dress myself properly (´ω`)
This outfit (as horrible as it is) was veeeery loosely based on one I saw in Mori Girl Papier Vol. 4 (I only have the hard copy, but you can get scans of it from here!)

I really love her camera bag! I managed to find one at The Four Corner Store, but I'm still contemplating whether to get it or not...

My dad has been working in the garden a lot recently so I decided to go outsite and see him for once! And as per usual, I was wearing something very impractical for the season (´ω`)

I really need more jewelry... ( `ー´)

I love my socks! I rarely wear them because they're like tights and I'm scared I'm going to get a hole in them  ゚Д゚

At the bottom of our garden there's a treehut that my dad built for my and my brother when we were younger. It's hardly used now and there's no ladder anymore, but it's a kind of cute little place to sit. It's built in a plum tree, so it's shaded from the sun and, during summer, produces oodles of delicious plums to eat. 

There's some pretty hilarious pictures that my friends and I drew up in the tree house, like weird interpretations of what I think are supposed to be Spongebob characters... ヽ( ゚ヮ・)ノ

The birds get the majority of the fruit, but we still manage to pick a lot!

The raspberries are finally ready to pick too! It's the first time the plants have ever produced lots of berries. I also found lots of little baby ladybugs! LOOK AT THEM ALL! ・д・I got really creeped out when I first saw them, but they grew on me haha. There are also lots of ants everywhere making me super frustrated because I can't eat outside easily without them coming along to eat my food...


I'm really proud of my dad and his garden. It is always full of life! I wish I just went out there more...
Do you have a garden where you live? (●´ω`●)

This has been a very green post!
Bye bye! ・゚,,。・:*❀・゚


  1. Hello! you're so cuuuute >_< I love that red pair of shoes! and your garden is adorable, I wish I could have a garden like this..!

  2. Thank you! (っ´ω`)っ♥ They are my favourite shoes!
    Having a garden like this is cool, but my dad would have to agree with me when I say is takes a lot of work to look after! `Д´

  3. Cath, your blog is so cute! :DDDDD I really love your writing style and all the pictures. And--oh, you have a treehouse! It looks really adorable.

    -- Shelley.

  4. Thank you so much for your comment! ♥(●´ω`●)
    I thought my writing style was kind of hideous haha. I'm not too good at writing more than a poupee item description :S
    Thank you again for the comment!! ♥