Friday, December 3

I don't think I'll update my blog everyday. I'm just far too lazy and don't have good quality control haha...
ANYWAY; Today I had to go back to school to return all my text books. On the way, I met two of my friends so we decided to go out for lunch! I had some really good gyoza.

Here's what I wore:

My bun was kind of obnoxious and I managed to hit it on a tree branch whilst walking home...

I've been toning down the layers as it has become way too hot to wear the whole mori-girl-heaps-and-heaps-of-layers kind of thing. The other day it was about 26°C! I still try to get away with wearing tights and socks though. :p
I was inspired by a lot of the fur collars that have been in the mori girl mooks recently.

Swimmer collar via: avinastar, Space Moo collar via: monokatze

I also went to a really adorable café that served their tea in vintage teacups and played some of my favourite music over the stereo. Their green tea was so good!

New favourite café? I think so!
Oh well. Time to go and melt in hot New Zealand sun.

Oh how I wish I were somewhere snowy! Or at least colder...
Seriously jealous of you people in the Northern Hemisphere right now! ・°(ノД`)°

Bye bye! ・゚,,。・:*❀・゚


  1. how lovely is your blog. ^ ^

    all blogs post about winter, feeling happy that it's not just me who lives in a hemisphere where summer is close to reaching * or not, these 33C, bad thing * wishing winter now

  2. Super adorable cafe. & I love, love your outfit.

  3. @MARINE- Thank you! ♥ Wow! 33C?! I don't think I could stand that! Even though winters can be dull, at least I don't get sunburnt -_-

    @The Owl Diary- Thank you so much for you comment! ♥

  4. btw, you have the code for banner?