Saturday, February 12

Clogging about!

A week into school and I'm already tired! ╯_╰ And it's almost halfway through the weekend too! Never enough sleeping time, time to do crafts or homework!
But, somehow, there's always time for the internet! So since I have been indoors more than I should be, I thought I'd post these two pictures of interiors that are oh-so wonderful! (Well... It made sense in my mind...)

Enough with the interior eye-candy! And on with photos of things I've been wearing recently! A lot of the teachers at my school have been complementing me on my clothing recently (To be honest I think it's because I dress a lot more modest than the majority of my year, who wear very short shorts that are fashionable here right now! I just feel uncomfortable with the shortness of them!・°・(ノД`)・°・)

I still can't wait for winter so I can do SUPER layering!
I'm not quite sure why I bother wearing cardigans and tights right now- I get overheated really quickly ✖‿✖

In some sad news (alright, it's not that sad)- one of my clogs are broken! I need to fix them asap; they're my favourite shoes! 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

Speaking of clogs... (Also; I didn't purposely plan these things to match, it just happened ≧◡≦) Today my friend invited me out to "Fryslân Ferbynt", a day celebrating Friesland! Neither of us have any Dutch roots, but we were really interested in finding out about Frisians!

As soon as we arrived, there were plenty of awesome traditional outfits to be seen!

We watched some folk dancing! The dancers looked like they were really having a good time- even in the burning hot midday sun! I really loved all of the costumes, especially the lace bonnets!

After that, it was time for the clog boat race! Free of charge, you could decorate a clog-turned-sailing boat and put in a race across the lake! Sadly for us, we arrived late and there were no more boats left to decorate! It was pretty funny watching all the boats travel in the completely wrong direction.

They're kind of horrible photos as I had to use maximum zoom to actually see them!

I really enjoyed going to the event with my friend! It was kind of a shock seeing so many Frisians here!
For lunch I had a Dutch croquette which was good, but I was a bit dubious as to what kind of meat was actually in it. ⊙_◎

My favourite photo is of the bottom of this woman's outfit and her 'carry box' (Does anyone know the actual name? I'm not getting any help from google). The box is hand painted, and contains smaller compartments that are hand painted to match. It looked kind of like a Dutch picnic basket or bento box!

I have discovered the name of the model from the 'Nostalgic Mode' photoshoot that I posted about earlier!
The model's name is Katalina Orlova, and she's with Noah Models in St. Petersburg, Russia! I discovered that she was in the Alice in Wonderland shoot for Spoon magazine (still sporting the Rapunzel-like hair with the short fringe!)!

I've been kind of horrible at commenting on other blogs recently! ╯︵╰,  I'll make sure to comment properly now! 
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Zie je binnenkort! (See you later in Dutch!)・゚,,。・:*❀・゚ 


  1. the secont outfit <3<3

    don't worry about comments, you're always sweet.


  2. Eek! I love your outfits, they are really cute! I like the casualness of the first one with the boater hat, but something about the look of the second two is adorable.

    I can't believe you found the name of that model, she is my favorite. Bravo!

  3. that alice in wonderland shoot is delightful
    aww, i love your second outfit most ☆♪

  4. @MARINE; Thank you! ヽ(°ω° )ノ I feel bad though! Everyone always posts such cool stuff and I'm just so lazy...

  5. @Anya; Thank yoooou! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ I was quite shocked when I discovered that she modeled the Alice in Wonderland shoot! She looked quite different, even with a similar hairstyle haha

  6. @myakïn; Spoon always has fantastic shoots! Thank you!♥ ( ゚ ヮ゚)

  7. you look wonderfull ;)
    and I'm dutch btw so it's cool to see you have a friesland day! I'm not a frisian haha, but still it's really awesome. Makes me proud to be dutch.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  8. You look lovely, as usually ^_^ I like the third one especially.

    Thanks for this brief about Friesland day! I've never heard of it before, shame on me ^^

    Like this photoshoot ♣

  9. Katalina Orlova is pretty cool :)! It's interesting to see her non-morigirl work. I also recently saw the exact earmuffs she's wearing up there on Y!J

    Found the link:

    Too expensive, but nice to see them.