Sunday, July 17


Oh my goodness! I've abandoned this blog for far too long! But it now the holidays after a term that was faaaaar too long!

Kittens make everything better!


I have lots of outfits to share for once! But I'll save them for other posts! ●´ω`●
Although it is 'Winter' right now, it's incredibly warm. I think it's one of the warmest winters I've ever experienced  ゚,_ゝ゚

 Left: Collar; Thrifted ・ Cardigan; Formerly my mother's ・ Dress; Thrifted ・ Skirt; Thrifted girl's dress ・ Socks; Sock Museum・ Shoes; Thrifted

Right: Vest; Thrifted ・ Cardigan; Glassons ・ Shirt; Thrifted・ Skirt; Thrifted girl's dress ・ Socks; Daiso・ Shoes; Thrifted Necklace; DIVA ・ Ring; Child's hair tie  

Last month it was my birthday and I ended up getting lots of Japanese magazines! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

From my friend I received two issues of Cutie (with AKB48 members on the cover!), and Zipper! From my brother I received an issue of SO-EN and...

Papier Vol. 4! With Meg on the cover and with a Carolina Glaser hair band!

Sasa talks about Meg and Carolina Glaser on her blog Moko Moko Love

Because it's so sunny outside right now, I'll just leave you with Kyary Pyamu Pyamu's first single; PONPONPON!

Best wishes to you all 


  1. I really like those outfits!

  2. Hi, I found your blog just today and really like it ^^ *followed* <3
    About the PONPONPON XD. By chance I also watched it yesterday. I'm just wondering if you were having the same feeling with me: the video made me laugh unstoppable for minutes. It's so...funny and so-not-my-type =)
    Anyway like your post ^-^

  3. First of all, thank you so much for the link back! <3 (that must be why I got a lot of new followers recently even if I barely update?? haha)

    Sencond, DAMN IM SO JEALOUS! haha Carolina Glaser item+MEG cover! ;A; (Plus, I ADORE So-En, and I'm in love with Zipper, and Cutie is one of my favs too! hah)

    Awawaw damn, I'm so addicted to that PONPONPON song! I can't get it out of my head every time I hear it!

  4. @Miradell; Thank you so much ♥‿♥

  5. @Mori Kitten; Thank you so much for the follow! I'm really enjoying your blog too! <3 Haha- I find it quite funny too! It's not really my style either, but I'm so jealous of how Kyary manages to pull that crazy style off!

  6. @Sasa; Haha no problem! I remembered that you were quite the Meg fan, and you know more about the brand than myself so it seemed the right thing to do!
    I'm sure you could find it or something! The headband is really adorable~
    Me too! I'm glad it's not just me who's addicted to it