Monday, November 28

Goodness Gracious

Finally exams are over! As is my life as a high school student...
...In New Zealand that is!
As I said in my last post, I have exciting news to share!

The first is that from March next year until the follow in January I will be attending high school in Japan!  ゚ ヮ゚
For a year I will be on a high school exchange. I have yet to find out where I will be, but I'm am so excited for it nonetheless. Also; very nervous! It will definitely be difficult!

The second news is that about a month ago I won a competition with a clothing store, in which I designed an item of clothing; Dotti's Design-A-Bits Competition! It was a real shock as my entry was kind of last minute, but I am very happy!
They will actually make and sell my design in their main stores! Here's a screen shot of my (very embarrassing) description, as well as a small image of my design!

I sound simultaneously obnoxious and idiotic haha

To be honest not really my style, but I'm really happy how it came out, and that I won! ・ω・
I also made a little collage of an outfit from items in their online store. A lot of my favourite items are from Dotti, including my boater hat, earmuffs and peterpan collar blouse!

Since exams are finally over, I can get back to blogging and dressing up  ゚ ヮ゚
An item I found in a charity store before exams is a dark red corduroy jumper dress (is that what they're called? We don't really use that term here...). I was a bit apprehensive about it at first, because corduroy is a close relative of my arch-nemesis; velvet! However, the fit is lovely and it's very versatile so it grew on me ´ω`

 Beret; Hand-me-down・ Shirt; Thrifted ・ Vest; Lepsim Lowrys Farm ・ Dress; Thrifted ・ Socks; CottonOn・ Shoes; Number One Shoes・ Bag; Formerly my mother's

 Collar; Glassons・ Bunny brooch; Equip・ Tree brooch; Bodyline

To kick off my holiday blogging, I'm going to start the mori girl meme! (What? Only a couple of months behind!)  ゚Д゚

Day 1 – 10 things about your mori bubble.
I have no real idea what this means, but others have interpreted it as sort of 'facts' about me and the mori girl style?
  1. I discovered the style after I went to Japan at the end of 2009, when the mori "trend" was at its height. I saw the first mori mook and fell in love with the clothes (I had to borrow money off my friend to get it as it was on the last day and I had barely and money left!). It wasn't until I returned home that I actually discovered what 'mori girls' were.
  2. Along with the first story; Before I knew about mori girls, I went to both Wonder Rocket and Pink House and loved the clothes. I am kind of bummed (but my wallet is glad!) that I didn't know about mori girls before I went to Japan!
  3. Mori Girl style is almost totally unheard of in NZ. If you talked to most people about Japanese fashion, they'd think you were talking about Gwen Stefani's "Harajuku Girls"!
  4. I love making clothes, and I really want to spend more time sewing them.
  5. I love photography, but I am horrible at it! It's something I want to improve on over the summer!
  6. I have a big scrapbook full of mori images and clothes that I constantly look back on for inspiration for outfits and items.
  7. I don't know any mori girls, but some of my friends have styles that are very similar!
  8. Even though I don't always dress in what would be seen as 'mori style', the Japanese girls at school (especially if they didn't know my name) just referred to me as 'mori girl'. It was kind of embarrassing at times.
  9. Not really mori, but I love, love, love miniatures. I guess that ties into the whole 'craft' aspect of mori in some way haha.
  10. I really love talking to people about the style; especially those who are mori girls too! I really love seeing other people's outfits and crafts- I'm thankful for the internet making that possible!  ゚ ヮ゚


Pheeew! Long post! I'll update tomorrow with question two of the meme!
Thanks for reading (if you've made it this far!) and sorry for being gone for so long! ♥


  1. Congratulations on everything!! Your exchange is going to be amazing! I know mine was (even if I was only there for 6 weeks ^_^;;)

    Your outfit reminds me of a French school girl ♫

  2. Oh my gosh, such exciting news! How cool that you won the competition! And wow, a year in Japan, you are going to have such an amazing time!

  3. How exciting, congrats! I bet that you'll be scooped up there as a mori model, you'd be perfect for it!

  4. @Gabrielle; Ah thank you~! <3 It's awesome that you went on an exchange there too!
    I like berets very much haha

  5. @Lyndall; Yessss! :D I hope so- A year away from home is a looooong time!

  6. @Anya; Thank you~! <3 :D Ahaha I wish!