Tuesday, November 29

Mori Meme Day Two

Day 2 – 10 things you love in mori.

All images from various magazine scans

  1. Detachable Collars
  2. Clogs/Sabots
  3. Pinafore and Jumper Dresses
  4. Rucksacks
  5. Check Fabric
  6. Socks- many patterns, colours and layers!
  7. Delicate hair accessories 
  8. The hairstyles!
  9. The idea of exploring forests and your own environment. 
  10. Journaling and keeping track of your day through diaries, photos and illustrations.
Also I'm currently in the process of sewing this dress from a Pochee magazine!  It's hasn't taken very long so far (only about 2 hours) to do most of it!

I'll probably have it finished by tomorrow! ...probably....
Thanks for reading  


  1. Are Pouchees one of the cheaper sewing pattern books?

  2. Sort of? I think they come out twice a year.
    They have about 40 patterns or so (for adults and children), and instructions. I can't do some of them purely because of the language barrier haha. They have really lovely patterns though!
    Here's a page with all the issues so far: http://book.nihonvogue.co.jp/search/search.do?type=2&screenType=4&propertyType=577&categoryId1=650
    Here's a scan of one of the issues;
    I know that there's a scan of the issue I used (vol.9) floating about somewhere too :)