Friday, December 2

The Meme Continues...

Hello again!
Finished my dress a few days ago! I apologise for the quality of image in this post- I couldn't find my tripod! 
The sewing itself was very easy, and I was able to do it without having to understand the Japanese, but I had a few issues with cutting out the pattern (I couldn't tell whether seam allowance was included or not! ノД`Overall though, I am very happy with the result! Initially I was just going to have the dress completely plain, but I found some cotton lace ribbon and I though it suited well!

Throughout this summer I hope to make more clothes (I've already finished a pair of shorts as well!), and hopefully post some tutorials on here. Keep checking back to see if I've actually kept my promise! ●´ω`●
Here's a little outfit with the dress- I'm really happy with the length of it! (Again- sorry for the image quality! Taking this photo involved a balancing act with lots of boxes...)

 Hat; Dotti・ Shirt; Thrifted ・ Dress; Handmade ・Scarf; Gift ・ Socks; Columbine・ Shoes; Thrifted・ Necklace; Gift


Day 3 – 10 things you hate in mori.
Not much at all! Although, there are misconceptions about the mori girl 'style' that grind my gears a bit.
  1. The idea that everything must be beige and have ruffles and be layered. I love the aforementioned things a lot, but I hate it when people say that's all there is to the style.
  2. Misuse of tags on tumblr - haha. This is my pet peeve. There are a lot of similarities between Dolly Kei, Cult Party Kei and Mori Girl style, but they do have their many differences! It annoys me a bit when someone tags something with all three styles! ・°・(ノД`)・°・
That's about it! It's not so much about things within the mori girl style itself. ◕‿‿◕

Day 4 – 10 8 different kinds of food you like.
Only 8 because thinking about this made me hungry  ゚Д゚

images from google images

  1. Stroopwafels. I got these at a farmers market once, and I never looked back. They are so delicious when they are warmed up
  2. Lasagna. Actually, I'm a sucker for anything with lots of cheese, tomato and mince. 
  3. Hummus. Probably my staple spread for anything and everything.
  4. Cranberries. I love them in juice form, dried, or warmed up so they're all squishy.
  5. Falafel. Delicious in sandwiches, or just on their own.
  6. Asparagus. One of my favourite parts of summer. I love it with garlic butter especially.
  7. Oats. Too good to just be for cereal.
  8. Green tea and green tea flavoured foods. I have a bag of matcha powder in the cupboard and I like to use it in my ice cream!


Recently, I've been having a look at Hana To Guitar's online shop. The bambi vests and jackets really reminded me of what Gabrielle of Fern and Fawn has been making with fawn print fabric. °ω° They kind of make me wish that summer would stay away!

Images from Hana To Guitar

Time to go back to the sewing machine to whip up some more items of clothing!
Thanks for reading  


  1. That dress is ADORABLE. :3 How did you attatch the lace ribbon to the chest part?

  2. I love that dress! Simple, but versatile. I also second not being too fond of the idea that everything in mori must be layered and ruffled and beige. Very few things in the Syrup catalogue are like that, if any - it's a very versatile style.

  3. @Bee; Yay! :D Thank you so much for your comment!
    I added it in quite early on in the construction actually. Before assembling all the pieces together, I sewed the lace tape on. So when it was all sewn together the "rough" ends of the lace were essentially hidden in the seams. I'm not sure how you could go about this with a 'pre-assembled' dress though. Possibly fold the edges over to prevent fraying or something? :)

  4. @Rhiannon; That's what I try to look for in dresses! It makes them really easy to change the look of with just a few other pieces!
    Haha. That's probably why I really love the look of brands like Syrup! I really like the very, very simple outfits

  5. I love the dress you made! I like how simple it is, looks like it would go with everything!