Thursday, February 23

My Favourites for Feb

Ugh. My camera is currently dead, so no photos for the moment, so here's some things that I currently love!

I've been wanting to write about this store for a while, even though it's quite a well known online store.

This is my favourite mori store! ( ゚ ヮ゚)

[Or should I say 'stores'? I've noticed that there are two Taobao shops with identical names, and who sometimes have the same model. Here(dearli) and here(litongxue). Is one ripping off the other, or are they 'sister' stores? Regardless, both have nice photos hah ●´ω`●]

I enjoy brands such as Crisp and SM2, but when it comes to inspiration, nothing compares to the Chinese Taobao store 'Dear Chestnut' or 'Dear栗'. Regardless of season, this store manages to provide not only lots of lovely clothes, but lovelier photoshoots to show off their items. (The quality of items is irrelevant to me to be honest- I don't plan on buying any haha). They manage to use patterns, colours, and styling so well- I just want to jump into the photos.
I always look forward to their new season!

xMOTHERx is an etsy store that sells lovely handmade aprons, smocks, and collars among many other things. Their photos have a lovely crisp look to them, reminiscent of many Spoon photoshoots I have seen! I can almost smell the freshly baked bread that I imagine would be baked wearing these lovely items! ´ ▽ `

I found scans of (part of) Crisp's 2011 winter catalogue! Click for bigger resolution! Although slightly outdated now, I love the use of colour.

Click for bigger resolution!

Listening to 60s pop music (especially Japanese 60s pop), and listening to 45s on the record player. We don't have many records so I've been listening to Dance of The Sugarplum Fairy, Minor Bossa Nova, and this song on repeat:

Bobby Vee - Take Good Care of My Baby

What has caught your eye (or ears!) lately?

❀ Thanks for reading!


  1. I love dearli too they have the prettiest photos and the styling is amazing.

  2. Usually my favourite is Wonder Rocket, but I didn't manage to browse trough theyr spring collection yet ^^'
    Yesterday I discovered a new brand, look at the phots because they're pure awesome in a mori-gipsy way:

  3. Crisp and Felissimo Syrup always make me happy! ^^ And lately, I've been listening to a lot of indie and alternative music and even harp music like Cecile Corbel and Joanna Newsom. They've got really relaxing music >3<

    1. yay we totally listen to the same music :D

  4. thank you for posting these stores!!
    everytime i think i'm falling out of love with morigirl fashion i just have to visit your blog!

  5. Omg you use taobao too? If you order from then how do you get around the issue that when you sign up you have to get around the cell-phone code to somewhere in asia or are you in japan right now?

  6. yay! thanks for sharing :)
    drop by my blog too dear?

    Rae \(^o^)/
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

  7. I have been such a terrible blog keeper for the latest year or so but suddenly while worrying about the future of my blog I remembered you and your lovely blog and I started to wonder if this blog is still up. I am happy to see that it is although you haven`t updated for a while. I wonder how you are doing these days? : >

    cheers! <3