Sunday, September 1


<I previously posted this to my tumblr, so many of you will have seen a similar post to this already>


If you note, that blog hasn’t been updated since February last year. New people and older friends still follow it, and for that I am beyond grateful, and I apologise wholeheartedly for not updating it in more than a year.

I went to Japan and was expecting to continue my blogging from there, however I had very little access to the internet for the first couple of months. But in all honesty, I stopped updating because I fell out with the fashion. Although I was 18/19 in Japan, I was essentially living the life of a 15 year old. And for some reason, I felt the need to make sure people knew that I wasn’t a 15 year old. Petty, I know. Hence, I changed my style significantly, sent my clothing back home from Japan and sought to start anew.

Since I’ve come back, I’ve dabbled over the thought of selling my clothes. Before coming back home for the holidays, I was sure that I would- setting up online stores and making a mental inventory of what I had to sell. But when I came home, and saw the clothes again, I just couldn’t do it.

(I’ve also put on weight since coming back and have had a few moments of self-appearance despair, which has made me want to fall back into mori fashion.)

 It makes me feel comfortable. Not just physically, but mentally. Last night I put some outfits together, and I felt really happy.

In reality though, I know I won’t wear mori everyday. Part of me still retains the idea that mori is childish- a thought that is childish in itself! Also, all of my clothing at my university hall (dorm) is different, and I don’t really have the ability to bring them back with me. I also feel rather self conscious if I start dressing differently at uni- like there’s an already established ‘me’ there.

However, what I really wanted to get out of this is to say that during the university breaks, I will attempt to update my blog. I feel that mori has become too important to me to give that up.

Anyway, here are the three outfits I came up with late the other night! Coordnation-wise, I am a bit rusty, and I've given away quite a few items, but I'll try my best to make something to show you all!
(I also apologise for the horrible mirror shots!)

Left to Right:
Dress (undermeath); Thrifted・ Overdress; Earth Music & Ecology Natural Label ・ Collar; Thrifted・ Shoes; Number One ShoesSocks; GlassonsHair Barrette; Gift

Blouse; Shimamura・ Shorts; Thrifted ・ Coat; Thrifted・ Socks; Japanese school uniform Shoes; Number One ShoesBeret; GiftWig; Gift

Blouse; Shimamura・ Pants; Thrifted ・ Cardigan; SoulBerry・ Shoes; Thrifted Scarf; Thrifted

I know this isn't much after such a long 'break' but I am hoping that the summer holidays will enable me to contribute more to this blog!

Speaking of which, does anyone have any suggestions? Is there anything you want to see more of on Cats In Straw Hats?

I'd love to hear what you think!

After such a long time,
Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you again soon!☆


  1. Nice to hear that you haven`t totally quit blogging. :---)
    I really enjoy reading your blog but in fact I have also been much less active blogger than a couple of years ago (although I have never posted THAT often hehe....) and time flies (at some point I noticed that I hadn`t updated my own blog for aaaages although it didn`t feel like such a long time) and it took me a while to realise how some blogs that I used to read haven`t been updated for a long time and some of them were even deleted... : (

    I think that I understand what you mean when you talk about mori fashion and how you feel about it these days. : ) I don`t have exactly the same situation but it seems to be that I have my own style "issues" going on as well... Earlier (in the end of high school) I was really into vintage style and I used to wore pretty dresses, heels and stuff but when I started my college studies I noticed that my style started to be more casual again... Suddenly I wanted to wear hoodies again (it had been years..!) , plain black skirts and I rarely wore heels anymore... :--o My nice girly dresses started to feel just too fancy for the most of time and it feels like my style almost went to "worse" direction, haha. : D In last spring I realized that I am a bit dissatisfied with my style (it wasn`t awful but I just didn`t feel how I´d like to feel while wearing my clothes) and I thought that maybe I should develop it to less girly direction but now I have made up my mind again... : D After finding new lovely blogs with cute girly styles, browsing japanese street snaps etc. now I am really into lace, ribbons and cute stuff again... I guess that I just have to find some kind of balance and maybe simply just variate my style depending on my mood. My problem is that in Finland people love black and grey and especially in winter stores have pretty much only those colours and unfortunately currently I am really into lilac, light pink, pastel colours (and well, black) etc. I`d also like to wear twin tails but because they are often considered as "a hairdo for kids" I feel a bit shy about it and I wonder if people find it silly or even tasteless... My hair happens to be pretty long too, maybe when I cut it again ponytails are easier to wear hmm... : o

    Heh I got carried away a little bit, sorry... : > I am sure that you will find the way to "balance" your style too! Sometimes I realize that I think that I should have just one, certain style (for example mori, a girly style etc...) that I always wear but really, why would it have to be that way? ; )

    Ps. I really like your coordinates, especially the one in the middle. 8) It would also be interesting to see how your non-mori style looks like!

  2. Welcome back! I think it isn't necesarly a bad thing to move over with your style! It has to fit you in a particular moment of your life.
    I like these three outfits, in particular the one in the middle (by the way you look great).
    I'd like to read something about your experience in Japan. And I'm not only interested in mori, so I'm curious about your current style and about what you wore in Japan.

  3. Hope all is well! I love, love, especially love the middle outfit. As everyone one else said, I'm glad you're back too! Even if I just found you. It's so sad (but also pleasant) to find dusty retired blogs -- a lot of them are gems!