Monday, December 9

Little update

Hi hi again! It's been a while since my last post, and my first year of University is over!
I hope I can get in a few posts over the break.


Well it's been an interesting year, and the holidays so far have not come to much. However I do have a job now, so it's time to start getting the money in.
I had a bit of free time so I thought I'd put together a simple, summery outfit! I apologise for the quality of the photos- all of our camera seem to have gone AWOL, so I had to use my phone's rather terrible camera and a mirror!

Dress (undermeath); EzyBuy・ Overdress; Thrifted ・ Skirt; Thrifted・ Shoes; Number One ShoesHat; DottiBag; Rope Picnic (Gift)Badge; f.i.n.t

It hasn't been all that hot for December- the past few days it has been raining on and off. Hopefully the sunny days will appear on my days off work!


The holidays have really got me thinking back to my time in Japan. I really want to go back, and hopefully I can in the next few years! I've also been itching to show off some of my photos from Japan (I will spare you from the 1000s that I have though!).
Because it is almost Christmas, Christmas lights are out in their sparkling glory! Mie Prefecture's Nabana no Sato really is an amazing sight this time of year...

なばなの里 Nabana No Sato 
An immense oasis creating a harmony between abundant nature and rich facilities. In the giant greenhouse “Andes Flower Garden/Begonia Garden”, potted flowers are cultivated and displayed year-round, and you can enjoy the garden courtyard and open-air bath in the onsen facility.
Anyway, I hope everyone  is well. I apologise for the briefness of this entry!
Thank you for reading ★


  1. I always love how you combine your outfit!
    good luck with the work, and I can't wait to see more of the photos from Japan :D the lights at Nabana No Sato is really beautiful-I could imagine being there on Christmas Eve :'''')

  2. You look like a painting in this photo! Hope you enjoy your holidays!

  3. Lovely outfit! I love your mori style ^^

    I've just found your blog now, and I'm having a blast looking through your posts ^_^